Paradoxx aka Skillz Ferguson

Paradoxx aka Skillz Ferguson

BandHip HopSoul

Hip Hop music for your mind, body and soul.


Paradoxx, aka Skillz Ferguson is an extremely well rounded artist. Paradoxx has been steadily paying his dues, and proving that he is determined to help
advance the art!! A powerful Songwriter, Freestyler, and Emcee, Paradoxx is an innovative voice in Hip Hop. He has performed in the USA, the UK, and Japan with well respected artists such as Edan, The Perceptionist, Ice-t, Hieroglyphics and Doug E. Fresh. Paradoxx draws his inspiration from many different sources, and his universal approach is on-point! His appearances include: Sprain Ya’ Tapedeck EP/Mic Manipulator 12’*bside (Edan/Lewis), Raw Flaw Compilation (Navarro/Rough Acoustic), Street
Racers DVD (Redline Racing), Adrenalin Crew DVD (100% Illegal/Warner Bros.), 7th Dimension LP (Sexcess/M.O.I.L.S.), Entermission LP (Subkrew/Auragen), and Everything Happens 4 a Reason LP(Storitela/Storiline). Paradoxx can also be heard every Saturday night on SBK Live Real Radio 104.1.


The Buzz Has Begun, Vol. 2 (2009 Independent CD)

CD Singles Currently Streaming/Radio Airplay: Overnight Growth, Droga

Set List

15-20 minute sets (can be changed on demand)

Songs in set: some freestyle, Overnight Growth, Dolce Dolce, Droga.