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Lancaster, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Lancaster, PA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Grunge




"It Came From Bandcamp Vol. 14"

In 1958, the short-lived girl group the Poni-Tails released an amazing song called "Born Too Late." In it, the girls pine over a guy who is just too old for them, and thus, that they were "born too late" to love him. The message is different, but the title should hit close to home for Lancaster by way of Baltimore trio Paradrei. The grunge-y rock trio has been playing in Lancaster for at least a year now, but their first album, "Deep/Alive" just came out at the end of last week. It's a fantastically produced throwback to the era of flannel and Kurt Cobain worship. Musically, it's more Soundgarden and Alice in Chains than Nirvana and Pearl Jam, as far as the pillars of Mount Grungemore are concerned. But more than just a cheap throwback, there are great songs on "Deep/Alive." "The River" is bolstered by huge riffs and the furious beating of a ride cymbal. "Dead Cellar" would be right at home on Pierre Robert's WMMR block. For a band's first album, it's an impressive showing. - Fly After 5


The Black The Sun EP
- Black the Sun
- The Storm
- Dead Man Running
- Brain Dead Me
- Forfeit
- Bricks

In Threes
- I Can See
- Brain Dead Me
- Giants
- Lead Blanket
- Bricks

Deep | Alive
- A Shallow Well
- Wilhelm's Scream
- Blood Honey
- The River
- In The Mountain
- Oculus
- Lead Blanket
- Dead Cellar 
- Flat Field
- Suffer
- Giants



Paradrei is: Nick Cove || Guitars & Vox

                   Trevor Kiscadden || Drums & Percussion

                   Tyler "Kouqj" Garrett || Bass & Vox

When every mainstream band you hear sounds identical, the production of their newest release, Deep | Alive, resurrects the true meaning of the alternative genre. Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Paradrei reflects the upfront anger stated clearly by the 90’s grunge, punk, and noise bands. With a strong focus on heavy grooves, complex dynamics, and raw energy, Paradrei has brought a new life to live performance in Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

Since 2011, Paradrei has pushed each of their members to the limit as far as song writing, work ethic, and stage presence goes and the band's first full length album, 'Deep | Alive', is a direct representation of just that. Their songs reveal a hidden desire to cope and heal mental illness while allowing each other to release anger, sadness and other emotions stemming from anxiety and depression. 

‘Deep | Alive' was released on April 29th accompanied by a sold out show at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. Since 2011, they have also released two other E.P.s, ‘The Black the Sun E.P.’ and ‘In Threes’ which was a five track acoustic E.P. 

For all things Paradrei, go to to always be in the know how.

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