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Parafunk has been playing for years together and this is the exact type of event we love to be part of it. Parafunk
is our most energetic project together, and the one we enjoy the most. It is a 4 piece live underground hip hop
group. We play technical mathematically melodic tunes, and have multiple lyricists. We are a mixture of many genres ranging from funk, to blues, to jazz, and many others in between. We also run Mouth House in Denver and have been for 2 years, this helps our draw immen

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Speak Tongues

Written By: Parafunk-Preston Ingersoll

(Speak tongues)
Summoned sounds surging
Self esteem stream surfing
Softly as my sick soul some hows purging,
Projecting perfection inna personally perplexing perpetuating paradox my pineal's perception
Expanding in the ether
Entheogen eager
Ecstasy emanating ethereal for acres,
Antonym of apathy
Activate anomaly
Aggravate the spirit
And your ass will fall like autumn leaves.
Kinetics how the karma be
Kickin kick drums for the allah
I climbed atop the knowledge tree and clung like a koala
Tempted by the trolls takin tolls tippin temples i thrust a tongue twister make him tinkle from his temporal.
Tentacles oscillating octagonal octopus, omegas obstacles obliterated by my over lookx
Obsidian created eye erupt into oblivion
Nothingness nonsense neglected by too many men, nifty neat noises anointed in my noggin
Gazin Giza genes geekin gods of the greek men gave the glowing genome as a gift given to weak men
The moon has an underglow
The universe and undertone
Understand the balance tranformation we will undergo
An episode of electrol
Magnetic echos
ego eradicate
Exaggerate extermination
Seeing super human seek to speak the sound fluent symbolized and sterilized from snake fang fluid.

(Breath; fun)
On the brink of beauty
Breaking balls of boys booing-
The booth is my boat
And im floating on the booey-
Rekindle. Revamp. Restart the renewing-
Reconcile regenerate rebel remain rooting-
Exercise, explore it-
Esteem euphoric-
Edging toward the entropy, my entity e'or-ish-
Expansion of elastic higher elevations-
Astounding acrobatics acclimate me to my ancient-
Ascending acts to tell William to shoot the appalachians-
Tense the bow till its tightened terrifying tainted-
Target toward the troll-
Tilt the two to trigger pull-
Tick tock arrow shot bitch gimme back my soul-
With a huff and a hum hang on to humorous harmony-
Hard to see the harm in me when hardly i am Far from me-
Falling for a feminine form of fusing all i see-
Fact fiction family and fallacy-
Fun is the formula of funk in my fantasy-
Uniquely universal ugly is an understatement-
Ultra under dog one ups planets and Uranus-
Nomenclature of nothingness shall remain nameless-
Neuro-Nonsense in the noggin can be numbing-
Know yourself you never fell weve always just been nothing-