We are indeed Shropshire premiere Thrash/Speed Metal Band! If you are a metal head with a penchant for speed and power, look no further! You have arrived at the site for Shropshire’s most head-destroying heavy thrash metal band. We play fast and heavy. The skin on your face will wish it had never been born. Forces within your head will cause a Scanners like effect.


Formed originally in 2010 as an eighties cover band, Paraletica are an old school thrash metal band based in Telford, Shropshire, UK. It takes influences from Metallica, Helloween, Anthrax, Sodom, Kreator and many more.

After the band’s first gig, original vocalist Carl decided that the stress of gigging wasn’t for him, and promptly left the band. The band struggled unsuccessfully to find a replacement over the next 8 months, despite trying out several vocalists. During this time, the band found that it was already beginning to think about doing originals as well as covers. The priority though, was to get gigging, so Mark approached the vocalist from his previous band Pride and Glory to fill in on the mic. temporarily, until a permanent vocalist could be found. Rich agreed and after a few rehearsals decided to join permanently.

Rich fast-tracked learning the set and early in 2012, Paraletica started gigging again with some killer shows in Shropshire and The West Midlands.

Things came to a head and it became apparent that the band was divided about whether to stay as a covers band or to write original material. Rob decided to leave and the band once again finds itself looking for a metal lunatic to complete the line-up…

Previous Members

Carl Smith – Vocals 2010-2011
Rob Blodhemn Engvikson – Rhythm Guitar 2010-2012