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Parallax View Band


Parallax View Band is intent on providing a new line of sight in today's culture. Hailing from a three generation musical heritage of over 50 years, this Christian Rock and Worship band has been bursting onto the scene since 2005 playing events such as the National Youth Gathering in Orlando, FL.


Parallax View is intent on providing a new line of sight in today's culture. Hailing from a three generational musical heritage of over 50 years, these young independent rockers have been bursting on to the scene playing venues such as Six Flags Over Mid-America, Major/Minor League Umpire Retreats, and Southeast Missouri State University as well as many other colleges, churches, clubs, and retreats since 2005.

While you may see Parallax View rocking out venues, you are also likely to catch them leading worship at events for keynote speakers such as Greg Stier or Ken Freeman.

Parallax View has made it their focus to help culture see the world from another view, a Christian view, making relationships a priority first and foremorst. Just recently, Parallax View Band played the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center which brought 28,000 people to the gathering. The band challenged the crowds to live lives less self-absorbed and more others focused. The NYG was a huge success.

On July 26th, this five-piece band announced a brand new self-titled EP. The songs that are on the EP are deep and soulful, lyrically challenging, with melting guitar solos and intricate grooves. The songs were inspired by a tornado that ripped apart two of the band members families. "Goodbye to me" describes the anguish and delight experienced during a time of loss. While "It's Time" challenges listeners to step out of their comfort zone and take spiritual risks in their personal lives.

The future for these young independent rockers is bright and exciting with much more to come from Parallax View Band. An exciting future it will be.


Parallax View - EP
"Goodbye to Me"
"It's Time"
"Come with Me"

Set List

Come With Me
No one like you
King of Majesty
It's Time
New Life
Open the eyes
I cry out
You are my joy
Your Son
Yesterday's Changes
Sing like the Saved