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Vancouver, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Vancouver, Canada
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Metal Death Metal




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It's no secret that I thoroughly enjoy the heavier end of the musical spectrum. From fast technical riffing and brutal vocals, to slow, barbaric, chugs as is they came from the devil himself; I love it all. Today we are going to discuss an extremely heavy group, Param-Nesia, and their most recent offering, The Beginning.
Included in this ep are 4 songs that display technical skill, musical diversity, and a fuck ton of power! Based in Vancouver, these 5 musicians are out to showcase what they can do together through the beauty of heavy music.
“The Flower of Life” immediately grabbed me, that dissonant sounding chording, between bouts of low end strength is an excellent way to bring this album in. When Cayle Charlton begins his first vocals, all bets are off, and this song screams into the sky on the wings of tremolo picked brutality. Towards the latter half of this tune is a section that surprised me, with its clean vocals; which reminds me of Jeffrey Nothing some. The rest of this one is sheer metallic beauty, and serves as a fantastic beginning to this ep. Those riffs, man, extreme with a technical flair, and some good songwriting to boot.
The last track, “Chacruna”, comes blazing in with another extremely effective intro, which seems to be the trend across all 4 songs. Brutality ensues, and in the middle is a nice progressive section that drops the heavy for a bit; making a nice rest from the glorious bludgeoning the rest of this tune consists of.
Canada is home to many fine musical groups, and probably to many more that I am unaware of; Param-Nesia is one of those groups. The amount of technical skill, precision, and volume of riffs is impressive to say the very least. So get your asses off to Bandcamp to give this album a thorough listen…..or ten. Enjoy!!!
Check the comments below for a link to the album. - Tom Hanno

"Nominated & are Finalists for Best Local Metal Band, & Best Metal Vocalist (Cayle Charlton)"

Finalists for Best Local Metal 2018:
Alice Hardy

Finalists for Best Local Vocalist 2018:
David Hammer (Roadrash - band)
Kele fleming
Cayle Charlton - Param-Nesia
Joey Classic The Blowouts - The Whammys Vancouver


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Param-Nesia is a 5 piece metal band hailing from Vancouver, BC. Their sound combines melodic death metal, thrash and hints of prog to create music that takes you on a journey from beginning to end. Param-Nesia, meaning; “distorted memory or inability to distinguish fact from fantasy” resonated well with the visceral sound and stories of the music, weaving emotions and experiences together with imagination and storytelling.

The band was originally formed in 2016 by lead guitarist Andy Cahalin and drummer Derek Hill. After searching for members for what felt like an eternity they were joined by Jordan Buchta on guitar and began solidifying material and the search for the final members required to push forward with the project. Several months after this, and now 2017, Zac Baccardax on bass/vocals and Cayle Charlton vocals both joined the band and the real work could begin.

Param-Nesia has toured through much of BC and Alberta, beginning their first show on the UFR Metal Festival in Edmonton AB, and has been playing consistently since. They have shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Protosequence, Black Water Burial, Without Mercy and Hallowed Catharsis along with many others.

Param-Nesia is set to debut their first EP Feb 15, 2019 and have an extensive tour booked for July 2019. They are committed to their craft, striving to create music that is heavy, emotionally charged and engaging. With a hard working ethic, Param-Nesia is actively seeking shows and tours to add to their repertoire.

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