Paramoung Greyhound

Paramoung Greyhound


Two years of hard work, two recording sessions, second album with about 16 songs in production and already more than 40 induvidual songs to play on concerts! Thats paramound greyhound,... and we go on working to become the worlds favourit rockband! Wanna see us?


Founded in spring 2007, the band Paramount Greyhound composed of Allan O’Conmara (bass), Edgar Swan (drums) and Poe Hide (vocals, guitar) released after a first creative period a six-track-ksp (Kurzspielplatte) in August, including „Istanbul Main Station“, „Cool Dawn“ and four more songs and played a 10- concerts-issue at several locations in and around basel until the end of the year. In march 2008 the band started recording their first album in addition to making preparations for upcoming individualized concerts and assimilitating new ideas into new songs.
By the time we played over 30 concerts on different locations, including two openairs.


Apr. 2007 - six-track-ksp (Kurzspielplatte)
Feb. 2008 - Ipsofacto (first LP) - in production (release date: April 2009)

Set List

If we would list our songs or sets (it is to mention, that we play on every concert an other set), this would take too long, so here is an example of songs:
-Paramount Greyhound (or the hardest Reggae ever)
-Next Door
-Dr Hirsch (swiss german for "The Deer")
-Instanbul Mainstation
-Cool Dawn
-Afghanian Ukulel
-Lamborghini (Diabolo)
-Wild Wine
-Next Door
... and many more!

We don't play covers!!!