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Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada | SELF

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada | SELF
Solo EDM New Age


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"quickhitters: paranerd"

This one isn't really in the normal herohill wheelhouse. Plus, my jealousy of Shane seeing KRS-One is kind of high right now, so I'll just post away and stew. We are working on compiling the New Brunswick mix right now, and one act that I never thought would be on it (but will be) is Paranerd.

Paranerd - aka Paul Gohgooen - makes bedroom style laptop music, but there's more to it. This track - Flacid Jambe - starts out as a slow, water-drip like beat, but over the course of the 7-minute adventure Paul constantly experiments with textures and layers (at one point it sounds like he uses one of those old school mixers sound effects). The gradual transitions and builds work nicely and the track never forced or rushed.

Basically, Paul makes the type of songs that just sounds good coming out of your headphones. All of his demo tracks are ear pleasers. Not only that, he's a good preview of the diverse shit coming out of Nouveau Brunswick that will be on the mix. With so many people trying to make interesting IDM tracks, good ones stand out. That should be enough for you to take notice...
- Herohill -


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Squarepusher's Feed Me Weird Things and Rebirth 1.5 are the reasons I started making electronic music. Along the way I've been releasing free albums on the internet and making CDs for friends.

I've opened for The Fussy Part; Grand Theft Bus; Sleepless Nights; Down with the Butterfly; The Great Balancing Act; Isaac, Blewett and Cooper amongst many others.

I'm trying to live the early 90's braindance days with my music. Of the likes of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, etc.

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