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Paranoid Visions

Dublin, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 1981

Dublin, Ireland
Established on Jan, 1981
Band Alternative Punk



The best kept secret in music


"General Comments"

When Peter invited me over to Dublin to play a gig with Paranoid Visions I felt like I’d fallen into a nest of authentic punk rock that I hadn’t been able to find in Britain for a long time. Collaborating on their single “Outsider Artist” was an obvious next step and it was a joy to be a part of it.
TV Smith (The Adverts)

I wanna put…” Paranoid Visions – what can I say???”
But I could probably do better.
Segs (the Ruts / Ruts DC)

People often ask me: “Steve – How did you end up performing with Paranoid Visions?” – and I always look them in the eye, scratch my head and say, “I honestly don’t know.” – One minute I was doing guest vocals for them and the next I was on stage with them.
But that’s the nature of the Paranoid Visions bunch – once you’re involved with them you find yourself caught up in a maelstrom of bottoms up, knees ups, cock ups and piss ups.
And there isn’t a finer bunch of people to be doing it with.
Steve Ignorant (Crass, Slice of Life etc!)

Paranoid Visions have sustained longevity by constantly evolving musically and keeping a strong focus on the issues of the day. Not just a great punk band, but a great band period. May they rule forever!
Pete Holidai (The Radiators / Trouble Pilgrims) - FOAD Musick


Cassette only

Destroy the Myths of Musical Progression – 1983 (FOAD)

Blood in the Snow – 1984 (FOAD)

From the Womb to the Bucket – 1984 (FOAD)

Blood in the Snow / From the Womb to the Bucket – 1984 (BLUURG)


Various artists compilations

(There are far too many compilation albums that we have featured in from around the globe, and the majority of them I have forgotten about, lost or never saw… so here’s a small snippet!)

The Weird Weird World of Guru Weirdbrain – 1984 (WEA / HOTWIRE)

The ALF is Watching and There’s Nowhere Left to Hide – (NO MASTERS VOICE: USA ONLY) – 1987

Comet Tape 3 – 1988 (COMET RECORDS)

The Dirt Behind the Daydream Vol 1 – 1990 (FOAD)

The Dirt Behind the Daydream Vol 2 – 1991 (FOAD)

Trapped in a Scene – 2010 (Cherry Red)



The Robot is Running Amok – 1985 (FOAD / ALL THE MADMEN)

Autonomy – 1988 (FOAD / REVOLVER)

Blood Empires – 1988 (FOAD / REVOLVER)

Politician – 1991 (FOAD)

Triangular ep – 1996

Missing in Action – 2006 (FOAD)

The 3r’s ep – 2007 (FOAD)

Der Election – 2008 (FOAD)

Strobelight and Torture – 2008 (FOAD / BBP / BALKONGPONKER)

Treasure from[JF1]  the Wasteland – 2008 (FOAD)

I am the One – 2009 (FOAD / BBP)

Outsider Artist 7” – 2010 (FOAD / INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL)

Outsider Artist CD – 2010 (FOAD)

Poles Apart – 2012 (FOAD)

Up the Anti – 2012 (SCARRED FOR LIFE)

Rock n Roll n Revolution – 2012 (LOUDER THAN WAR) *

If Ignorance is Bliss – 2013 (ALL THE MADMEN) *


Across the Holocausts – 2015 Flexidisc (FOAD)


Mini albums

I Will Wallow – 1987 (FOAD / ALL THE MADMEN)

City of Screams – 1988 (FOAD / REVOLVER)

The Height of Ignorance – 2015 (FOAD)*


Compilation albums

After the Faction – 1995 (AXS / SOUND PERFORMANCE / SOUTHERN)

Outside In – 2001 (TOXIC)

Black Operations in the Red Mist – 2010 (OVERGROUND)

Single File only – 2014 (FOAD)

Rewind the Future, Fast Forward to the Past – 2016 (FOAD)



Schizophrenia – 1987 (FOAD / ALL THE MADMEN)

Schizophrenia – 1988 (FOAD / REVOLVER)

Immature Recollections – 1990 / 2013 (FOAD)

Tripping the Live Disaster – 1991/ 2013 (FOAD)

The Dismal Abysmal Sessions – 1991 / 2013 (FOAD)

Live in Stab City – 1992 / 2006 (FOAD)

Bollox 2 Xmas – 1992 (FOAD)

40 Shades of Gangreen CD – 2007 (FOAD)

40 Shades of Gangreen LP – 2013 (PUNKARAMA)

Beware of the God LP – 2009 (FOAD / BBP)

Beware of the God CD – 2009 (FOAD)

Escape from the Austerity Complex – 2012 (FOAD / OVERGROUND)

When…? – 2013 (FOAD / OVERGROUND) *

Cryptic Cross Words – 2015 (FOAD / OVERGROUND)

Now and Then – 2016 (FOAD / OVERGROUND) *

Rebellion – 2017 (FOAD)

1977220174U – 2018 (FOAD)*

Live in Dublin – 2018 (FOAD)

Adverse Reality (Countdown to Pharmageddon PT1) 2019 (FOAD / LOUDER THAN WAR)

Converse Reality (Countdown to Pharmageddon PT2) 2020 (FOAD / LOUDER THAN WAR)

Diverse Reality (Countdown to Pharmageddon PT3) 2021 (FOAD / LOUDER THAN WAR)


*Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions






 [JF1]Is “from” correct as the title of the ep rather than “on” as in the song title? 



Formed in 1982 Paranoid Visons are Irelands longest serving punk rock band. Having always existed apart from the  mainstream, rather than becoming a part of the mainstream, Paranoid Visions have miraculously toured the world, had 3 top ten singles, a top ten national chart album, a top 3 indie chart album and have become widely regarded as one of the best live bands in the scene.

In recent years they collaborated with Crass vocalist Steve Ignorant to release 3 albums, 2 singles and a 10" ep under the name Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions. The project is still ongoing.

In 2019 the band began the 5 album project "Countdown to Pharmageddon" a music/art project consisting of a 10" LP, art prints, poetry book and CD's presented as a box set. the project is expected to complete in 2023.

Band Members