Paranoid Larry and his Imaginary Band

Paranoid Larry and his Imaginary Band


The world's highest-energy folk act


Larry's performance has been compared to an earthquake, a tornado and a tsunami put together. The dynamic and beautiful piano and stand up bass arrangements enhance the inherent theatricality and sense of fun of the songs -- as do the provocative and often hilarious lyrics. The audiences laugh and think and dance and drink! It is quite simply the best show in New York. Very strong original songs and a couple ridiculously unforgettable parodies. Featured on Air America, WNYC, several stations across the country and internationally. Made the Best of 2004 List for WPKN in Connecticut. We play several of the rock clubs in New York City and some of the comedy clubs but I am probably best described as Urban
Power-Folk because of the prominence of the lyrics. "God bless Paraniod Larry -- wherever he is!"


cover story #1 & #2

Written By: paranoid larry

They're in the song sung clearly


"White Trash Christmas" by Pork Chop (songwriter)

"Paranoid Larry and His Imaginary Band"

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Set List

40-60 minute sets but have 2 hours of material

Breakfast Is The Most Important Beer Of The Day
The President's Back
Jesus Shaves
What I Meant Was
Undercover Cop
Super In Her Building
Chip In My Shoulder
You're Not getting Any Older
Down A Hole
Regular Day
Paranoid Larry Theme Song
No Shoes
Cover Story #1 & #2
I Did It Her Way