Paranoid Social Club

Paranoid Social Club

 Portland, Maine, USA

Call them psychedelic dirt-rock or a garage band with a soul. By any definition, this is simply an incredibly talented group of musicians and friends who write brilliant songs and perform them live with a passion and fire.


I know you want to trust again,
But sometimes you just get too scared.
At the Paranoid Social Club, we’ll all fit in
We’ll all fit in...
- from "Theme Song"

Paranoid Social Club is the bastard brainchild of Dave Gutter and Jon Roods of the Rustic Overtones. Hailing from Portland, ME the band has received international accolades for it’s high energy style. Equally inspired by punk, soul, psychedelic rock, and the human psyche; PSC is a musical movement like no other. Picture Jimi Hendrix smashing a keyboard or The Clash backing Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival. The fervor of their incendiary live show has propelled them to that of cult status. Paranoid Social Club has managed to create one of a kind anthems using sarcasm and beauty, two things that rarely coincide.

Paranoid’s debut Axis ll, spawned the hit “Wasted” which was featured as the theme for Broken Lizard’s cult classic film Beerfest, as well as being the soundtrack to every college party in America. Their follow up double LP Axis lll & l featured the single “Two Girls” and was remixed and released on EMI’s ON Entertainment record label. “Two Girls” was used in HBO’s series Entourage and Cathouse and birthed a house remix album produced by club dj’s ; Invisible Kid, Powder, and Butterface and Clinch. “Two Girls” quickly became PSC’s biggest international hit, as it landed them on countless radio stations most requested list.

In 2009, PSC began work on their fourth studio album and enlisted a variety of their musical peers: Gavin Castleton, Tony Mcnaboe (Rustic Overtones, Ray Lamontagne) Trent Gay (Stars Look Down, All Night Chemist), Craig Sala(Planeside) and Chris Moulton (The Cambiata, Vanityites).

Paranoid Social Clubs current line up: Dave Gutter, Jon Roods, Trent Gay, and Craig Sala, are now on tour in support of their new album Axis lV, released in May 2011.


Axis II - 2002 - Ideal Entertainment
Axis III & I - 2004 - Ideal Entertainment
Paranoid Social Club - 2005 - ON Entertainment
Axis IV - 2011 - Ideal Entertainment