Paredano erases the line that divides
the digital from the analog, building layers and layers of sound
that flow naturally with each other.


The asturian composer started his affair with music
at a very early age. After receiving titles from
the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Oviedo,
London’s Associaated Board of the Royal Schools of Music,
the University of Oviedo and the University of Salamanca,
he decided to try his luck in Mexico, where he started
a career as a composer, creating the music for numerous
ad campaigns, documentaries, short films and feature films.
His personal work has a similar range of genres.
His first production, “Alebrix” (2007) is made out of pieces
written for piano and baritone. His second album, suitably
named “Dos” (2012) was a compilation of piano songs
composed over several years, and it was his last classical
production to date. Since then, the composer started
exploring the electronic genre with “Ensel”,
a sort of transition piece on his way to the project he’s
currently presenting: EP1.


Alebrix, 2009
Dos, 2011
Ensel, 2012
EP01, 2013