Parental Advisory

Parental Advisory


Parental Advisory Is A Very Powerful Band That doesn't Follow The Trend They Set Them. That Leaves You Wanting More And Remembering Who They Are.


Parental Advisory is a metal band hailing from Jackson, NJ, founded and being lead by guitarist Devin Kohn, whose endless blistering riffs and amazing song writing ability makes him already being viewed as a riff master and quitar hero of his generation. Fronted by the powerful and dominating vocals of Matt Tracy,with bassest Ryan Wahl and drummer Matt Salisbury rounding out the thunderous rythm section. This band is storming through and gaining respect every where they go.becoming one of the youngest bands in their genre to not only make their mark in the scene but offer a blend of old school, now and something new to carry music and metal into the future. they are not a band that follows the trend but a band that sets the standard for others to follow. showing maturity and experince at a young age.This band is the full package of what legends are made of.


1st EP THE suffering 2nd EP soon to be released The Untitled Masterpiece

Set List

My Desperation, Need To Gian Revenge, Caught In A Columbian Neck Tie, Who Walks The Shadows, Untitled Master Piece, Free Me Of This Hate, The Punk Song. our set times is usually a half hour to and hour and the set list can change from show to show. we can fill up as much time as needed. We do like to play a few cover songs here and there like Bury Your Dead and Paint it black from the Rolling Stones. But we like to put our own style to them and make them our own.