Berkeley, California, USA

PARENTZ is a future-pop electronic musician that mixes broken beats with slick sci-fi synth melodies and r&b leaning vocals and arrangements. His debut cassette/digital release on Chill Mega Chill Records, Big, is a nostalgic take on modern electronic pop.


After the dissolution of Chambers and MakeMe, Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Sullivan wanted to pursue a project apart from the classic band model, and started a laptop project designed to go somewhere new. Since his debut performances he's become a part of the Oakland electronic scene that has been called chill-pop, or future-pop, including elements of electro and chillwave.

The music is genre-bending. From lush dance tunes, to r&b leaning/ambient electro, to glitchy avant-pop, PARENTZ is establishing a wide sound palate where nothing is off limits. And it all has something to do with Tom Hanks.

Big, PARENTZ's debut release, features at once intentionally nostalgic and organic sounds to create songs that are part absurdity, part authenticity, but light and beautiful in their melodies and construction, using old sounds to create something new.


Big - cassette/digital release on Chill Mega Chill Records
Mapzzz EP 13 - free ep released by Mapzzz, an electronic music blog

Set List

30-45 min set
typically use just two stereo outs from laptop set-up
sometimes use projector