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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Glasgow PodCART"

Pareto. What? Everyone’s best friend Wikipedia whispers knowingly into our ears that the law of Pareto revolves around the idea that 80% of effect comes from 20% of the cause. 80% of land in Italy was owned by 20% of population, Mr. Pareto surmised. Thankfully Pareto’s principle is absent on this four-track EP from this Glasgow trio, with each song sharing equal amounts of guitar bombast.

‘Your Heart Is Ready For Home’ opens with the gloriously kinetic ‘Castles’, and with washy cymbals crashing like the North Sea on a desolate winter’s night and open-string guitar battery, this track opens with clenched-fist fury; but it’s with the bouncy verses and sweeping choruses that any clichéd angst is forgotten about. This is dynamic stuff, light and dark swapped like juggling balls, echoing those chaps Biffy Clyro in their pre Zimmer frame days.

‘Nothing Major’ maintains this energy with call and return vocals a focal point, but it’s with ‘Points Win Prizes’ that this band’s penchant for multi-instrumentalism and layering comes to the forefront. From clean guitar lamentations to strings, crunch guitar to piano, there’s a real diversity here, and with lines like ‘life’s for living, don’t stop dreaming’ Pareto have a bit of a heart too.

And so, to the EP closer, ‘Call Me Alphabet,’ to hammer the final nail into Mr. Vilfredo Pareto’s coffin. A (slightly) more considered and flighted cut of alt-rock, this is the ballad of the record, resplendent in brooding strings and closed-eyed, closed-fisted and heart-tugged vocal harmonies. But there’s still time to wipe the newly-formed dust off the crash cymbal in time for the jagged middle-section, which also showcases a sublimely old-school ascending pop vocal harmony.

By the end of this solid EP, it is clear that each track enjoys a different colour and has that little something to make it stand out. So, ladies and gentlemen, today’s maths lesson proves that when applied to ‘Your Heart Is Ready For Home’, the Pareto principle is indeed a whole load of tosh. But hey, there’s exceptions to every rule, isn’t there? - EP Review

"Band Review"

Pareto are a fairly new group starting to make a name for themselves in the Scottish music scene. They are an unsigned band from Glasgow. I say fairly new, they formed in march this year so…Yeah pretty new. They got asked to play their first gig before they even had a chance to practice together, at King Tuts in Glasgow. It must have gone pretty well with them playing – not long after – alongside acts such as Attack! Attack! and People on Planes.

They released their first single on a limited edition disc and downloading on major music sites. The two tracks on it are called ‘This is where I draw the line’ and ‘The fireworks where short lived’. I got it and I think its really impressive, I think we might be hearing a lot more of these guys in 2010. You can hear loads of influences from them, such as good old Biffy Clyro , Idlewild and loads of other indie/Alternative bands.(cba listing them all)

I might be able to have the pleasure of interviewing these three guys in early 2010, so hopefully I can get a better idea of them after I get to have a good chat with them.

Anyway’s I am defo tipping these guys to make a but of a splash in 2010, certainly up here in Glasgow at the least - Zerootie's Blog


Single - This is where i draw the line (BBC 6 music, BBC Radio 1, Kerrang Radio, numerous podcasts)

EP - Your Heart is ready for home (as above)

EP - Paint Them Silver (released April 2011)



Reviewed by The list magazine as being “ confident and charismatic” the Glasgow trio Pareto have just celebrated their first birthday with a list of musical successes and more to come. After a long and fruitful year for Pareto, the boys have been proud to have supported bands, General Fiasco and People in planes whilst launching their debut single “This is where I draw the line” A huge success for the band, the Pareto single made playlists on national radio and local radio channels, Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 Introducing show, Alex Baker’s unsigned show on Kerrang and Vic Galloway’s Radio 1 Scotland show, a major coup for the popular Glasgow band. Raising the bar in the music scene it’s no surprise the band has been praised with popular reviews by industry experts:

“ Crunchy guitars, loud/quiet bits, and a singalong chorus you could float the QE2 in” – Is this Music?

“With this, their debut single, Pareto may well be stepping into the limelight” – Hercules Moments.