Pariah Piranha

Pariah Piranha


When you were in high school people called some music alternative. It was a genre. It actually meant something. I think Pariah Piranha sounds like that.


Pariah Piranha was born in Feb of 2006. the band released Feel My Face Noise independently in May 2007 followed by the release of Animus Unanimous in 2008 on Queer Control Records. QCR is an independent non-profit record label for the LGBTIQQ community. Pariah Piranha plays regularly throughout northeastern United States and toured the west coast twice with Queer Control labelmates in 2008. PP has played a variety of events such as Phasefest, Ladyfest Baltimore, Fabulosa Fest, and Mondo Homo. the group’s first music video for the single “R ‘N’ Arg” off Feel My Face Noise debuted on LOGO in 2008. filmed in New York City, the video was directed by critically acclaimed indie filmmaker bug Davidson. PP has graced the stage and toured with notable acts including 8 Inch Betsy, Boyskout, The Degenerettes, Don Caballero, Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments, Girl in a Coma, Nicky Click, The Old Haunts, Screaming Females Tough Tough Skin, as well as several others.

The band recently released their anticipated third full-length album, titled People People on September 1st, 2009. People People, was produced by Tony Maimone who is known for his bass playing (Pere Ubu, Book of Knots, They Might Be Giants) and for his production work for many acts including The Shondes album "The Red Sea."


R N Arg

Written By: Pariah Piranha

I remember when rock n roll mean
setting fires and smashing guitars
it was unadulterated rebellion
there was a spark and a need to listen
to relate to a general interest
to resist and become united
what the fuck happened?
who's going to save music?
i remember when the music was loud
feedback and tinnitus proud
wed come alive in the sound
im so excited and my pulse is pounding
i am sweating hard and my fists are raised up high
who's going to save music?


People People (Queer Control Records) - September 2009
Animous Unanimus (Queer Control Records) - April 2008
Feel My Face Noise - May 2007
Warning: This is just a demo - August 2007

Set List

No covers...yet. But we kinda want to cover 38 Special. Our sets are generally about 35-40 minutes. Our setlist changes often and is highly negotiable.