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Parikrama ( India )

New Delhi, NCT, India | SELF

New Delhi, NCT, India | SELF
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Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, launches the next generation of integrated computing platform - Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 in India on December 9, 2005. Joining in the celebration is the Indian Rock band – Parikrama with a rock song just for our Indian developers. Called `Superhero' the song is about the life of a programmer. Download now, and Get Ready to Rock! -

Parikrama should stay on your radar for bands you should check out live!

Their tour of Indonesia that started in Bandung on fourth December continued in Medan on the fifth, in Jakarta on the sixth, in Yogyakarta on the seventh, in Surabaya on the eighth and finally in Bali on tenth December. For those who could possibly be in India for the Christmas come New Year holidays, you can catch them performing on the twenty-first of December during ‘Mood Indigo', an annual cultural festival held at the Indian Institute of Technology Powai Campus, Mumbai.

Rock on! -

Not even the freezing cold weather in the CICCC ground on the night of November 26 could deter Parikrama fans.

Their concert, which the organisers described as the “biggest concert ever in Bhutan”, drew the largest crowd. According to organiser, Tshering Gyeltshen, the crowd was over 5000 and the sound system was 50,000MW. “It was the most successful concert so far and we are satisfied” he said. - Bhutan Observer

Sonam Sherpa
Of Parikrama
Early on, he might have found fan following thanks to his extended solos on Parikrama’s cover of “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2,” but Sherpa has since proved with the band’s original songs that he is a master of feel. He doesn’t attempt to bog down your aural senses with mindless soloing at a few hundred notes per second. Instead, he aims straight for your heart.
Essential performance: “But it Rained” - Rolling Stones

When it comes to a band like Parikrama, we hardly need to give you a formal introduction. After forming 15 years ago, these guys have played nearly 250 concerts in every city of India. And now, with their new album in the making, Parikrama are prepared to take on the world. We know they will and hope they do, not only because we believe that everyone should listen to one of petaDishoom’s favourite bands, but also because all the members of Parikrama promote animal rights every chance they get. -

17 June 1991: Six guys come together and christen their band Parikrama – circle of life. Standing on the threshold of its eighteenth year, Parikrama is one of the most celebrated Rock bands in the annals of Indian Rock music and is doing precisely what it’s being loved for – making music the way it conceptualises and never compromising on its creative aspects.
Parikrama comprises Nitin Malik as the lead vocalist, Subir Malik on synthesizers and keyboards, Sonam Sherpa the lead guitarist, Chintan Kalra on bass, Saurabh Choudhary on the guitar, Srijan Mahajan on drums and often accompanied by violinist Imran Khan, percussionists Rajat Kakkar, Shambhu Nath, Dilip Ramchandran or Surojit Dev.

Knowing the fact that Indian masses are fed on the staple diet of Bollywood and are oblivious to Rock scene, Parikrama is one such band that has dared to defy the ubiquitous norm of Bollywood by making alternative music in a ‘phoren’ language! As Delhi’s one of the oldest and most esteemed Rock bands, over the years, Parikrama has spawned its unrivalled fan base both in India and West. With hits like ‘Vapourize’, ‘Open Skies’, ‘But it Rained’ and ‘Till I’m No One Again’ and many more under its belt, Parikrama is one such Indian Rock act that is worth every single penny! -

The most popular and the oldest surviving rock band in the country don’t yet have an album to their name. The reason — they don’t believe in album releases and are touring at least 160 days a year. What many don’t know is that the band was the first in the country to give away their music for free on the Internet since 1995. Today many others have followed in their footsteps.
Meet Parikrama, the Delhi based band also the blue eyed boys of the Indian rock scene and personal favourites of legends Iron Maiden. - Deccan Chronicle

I would also like to thank Parikrama band leader Subir Malik, vocalist Nitin Malik, who have just returned from their UK tour but managed to attend today’s closing session, as a mark of their support to this initiative of the French Embassy of combatting AIDS at the workplace. You will have the opportunity to receive your participation certificates from your favourite rock stars, soon. - The French Embassy

Says Rod, "We were completely blown away by the intensity and passion of the India crowd and also by the quality of PARIKRAMA. I just didn't realise there were metal/rock bands of this quality in India. I was so impressed by their playing and attitude and professionalism and all of the Iron Maiden band and crew watched and listened to their entire set backstage. So I asked the Download promoters Live Nation to add them to the bill opening our Maiden day, the Sunday, on the main stage and we further extended the invitation for them to play at Clive's show at Brixton. I certainly look forward to seeing them play again and l hope Maiden fans will give them some great support." -

If the support band, Parikrama, don't soon make inroads in the West, the A&R system is malfunctioning badly. During an entrancing instrumental called 'The Open Sky', the violinist, Imran Khan, played a hypnotic solo entwining heavy rock, Paganini and the chromatics of Ravi Shankar, while a huge, majestic but appropriately ominous jet-black house crow hovered above the stage - The Guardian ( UK )


- Released our first single in 1995
- Released our first single, on the internet, in 1997
- Since then, have been releasing many singles for FREE DOWNLOAD on the site
- Recent release is a track called"ONE" on
- Have many releases in compilation albums



Parikrama is a legendary Rock Band from India playing for over 19 years with over 2500 gigs across the world. The band recently played the mainstage at the Download Festival ( on the invitation of Iron Maiden and their manager , Mr. Rod Smallwood.

Parikrama realised the importance of the Internet long ago and have been consistently releasing their music through their website since 1997, FOR FREE . Today, we can proudly say, that Parikrama understood the way music would be distributed years ago than perhaps anyone else in the whole World. Millions of downloads have been clocked since.

In India, almost all BANDS sustain themselves through live gigs , and that has been our marketing strategy from day 1. Distribute songs for free, let people like it, and in turn call us for shows.

In about 10 months, Parikrama has more than 32,000 followers on FACEBOOK, and growing with about a 1000 every 4-5 day.

Parikrama has a unique sound. Besides the usual instruments like the guitars, keyboards etc., we also use Classic INDIAN instruments like the Tabla and the Violin.