As a vocal-performer I have fingers in all genre-pies (but I like apple best) and have now ventured into songwriting for dummies inspired by Joni Mitchell's greatest and Carole King's grooviniess!!


Hi, I'm Parisa Roohipour. Born and bred in Northern Ireland, and subjected to every genre of music imaginable at an early age, I grew up with a pretty eclectic taste in music for a child of the eighties. Since then I did everything possible to be involved in music at school and am now studying for my degree in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music. More than anything though I love to perform. I have experience in lots of genres, anything from Irish trad. to funk, but at the moment I have been drifting more towards jazz, blues and folk. I love the work of Joni Mitchell and have been inspired recently by Polly Paulusma and Martha Tilston. I am also extremely interested in world music and the mixing of genres. I'm half Persian and, as a mix myself, I am interested in bringing this diversity within me into my music.



Written By: Parisa Roohipour

I'm a grey angel
Flawed from the inside out
Drop by drop, who's blood pours out?
I'm not with you

Somebodies maybe
Not that they'd claim me
Drop by drop, who's blood pours out?
I'm not with you

Flawed from the inside out
Between two worlds
Can't find home
A split tongue in my head

But I know me even if you don't
I'm nobodies maybe
Not my soul or my skin
Only my name fits me
Drop by drop, my blood pours out
My heads home
My heart will catch up

Soheila's Song (Little Sister)

Written By: Parisa Roohipour

(Verse 1)
In the spotlight, centre of attention
Always makes us wait for your grand entrance
And I bet you laughed as you were born
At your brothers tears, 'Oh, not another girl'

Storms break and winds shake
Mountains move and beaches change
Little people grow to be big
But little sister, you'll always be wee to me

(Verse 2)
Crocodile smile and a flash of blond
Two green saucers and one sharp tongue
Imps face, cross her if you dare
But love enough for anyone who cares


If one and one and one make two
What do you get if you add the grass and the moon?

(Verse 3)
Diva in trainin' on the side of your crib
As you kicked and screamed and cried to heaven
Now you strut, pout and strike that pose
Madonna incarnated as a six year old


All Night Cafe

Written By: Parisa Roohipour and Tom Watson

Sitting alone at the table
With inviting eyes
Noone around to hear his desperate cries
And all he wants is a friendly smile

Vacant stares at the doorway
Hopes on hold
With every passing moment his heart grows cold
And his fears hold me still with every soul that enters here

Come and sit down at my table
Come and take my blues away
Come and sit down at my table
At the all night cafe

How she found him here he'll never know
Perfume floated over as she walked so slow
And he never thought a dream could be so real
Until she smiled

'Don't know a soul here', she said
'Can I be company?'
Stunned by the sound of a voice, he nods silently
Looking across at his answered prayer as she orders coffee

Come and help me from my table
Come and help me walk away
Come and help me leave my sorrows
And at the all night cafe
at the all night cafe...
at the all night cafe...

Set List

Capable of filling 45-60 minutes comfortably.

Grey (see 'Audio' link to hear)
Soheila's Song (Little Sister) (see 'Audio' link to hear)
All Night Cafe
This Ain't How It's Gonna End
Down the Garden Path