Parisa is a soulful young woman whose music provokes contemplation through her dynamic voice, subtle piano work, and storytelling of her time with the strangers of a whimsical New York. Her lyrics are poetic and her voice reminiscent of a Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, and Grace Slick potpourri.


Born on a blue moon in the Californian desert, it is becoming clear that Parisa’s journey was meant to be strange, indeed. Beginning at the age of eight, Parisa made her way through the musical genres, beginning with opera and slowly digressing until rock ‘n roll did to her as it does to so many. Her songwriting began at thirteen and has continued since, developing with her character, her travels, her readings, and her revelations.

Parisa is continuously inspired by a staple crop of musicians who greatly impacted music far beyond her time. Her soul sisters include a plethora of strong women such as Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Vera Hall, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, and most recently, Laura Marling. Girl power, however, will never allow her to discriminate toward the main men in her life, including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and The Beatles.

Parisa’s most recent EP, The Poinciana, was written entirely in New York City. Whereas her previous EP examines the internal interaction with the soul, The Poinciana narrates her external interactions with the beautiful strangers of her urban nest. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell folk, songs such as “Lovers on Deck” and “A Man of Science” vocally fluctuate from high to low unexpectedly, while her lyrics set the rhythm and rhyme. However, Parisa stays true to her blues/pop niche with the ballads, “Veins” and “A Mountain Song.”

While playing live in New York City, Parisa is recording a new album that is set to be released in Winter 2014.



Written By: Parisa Mahdad

Verse 1
See what you are inside
See what you are inside
Not too far off from the stars in the sky
Not too far off from the stars in the sky

And we’re all sewn by strings
The song in you is sewn in me
Where black meets blue meets green
Where black meets blue meets green

I’m leavin’ but you better stay true
I’m leavin’ but we still got the moon
I’m leavin’ but these strings don’t untie
Can’t cut you off even if I tried
Can’t let you go even if I tried

Verse 2
You curse the song you sing
You're not where you wanna be
You pull too tight, you pull too fast
Beware these strings are all we have

So when you feel like you're in need
Look above and then you'll see
You shine as bright as the moon
These stars reflected in you


You got these strings, you got these strings, you got these strings inside of you
Just like the sun, just the like stars, just like the moon
No need to try, music's inside, leadin' you where you wanna be
When you get lost, looks inside!
And there I'll be

Chorus x 2


Edgecomb LP (2014)

The Poinciana EP (2013)

The String Theory EP (2012)

Set List

1. Lovers on Deck
2. A Man of Science
3. Tennessee
4. The Mountain Song
5. Strings
6. For Hanna
7. Cover: "Summertime"
8. Hero
9. Saint
10. Veins