Paris Black

Paris Black

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An exciting blend of original and classic rock styles with a raw, politically incorrect, yet sexy sound and feel that appeals to a vast audiance, of men and women alike!


Originally born in Denmark, Paris Black lived there until relocating to London England and later settling in Canada at age 10, where he resides currently. A performer and artist at a very young age, he became a noted entertainer playing international engagements while having his art displayed at the Art Gallery of Ontario by age 12.

Paris became a recognized Canadian Pop/Rock artist and teen heartthrob in the late '80s and 90‘s, his smooth voice and sexy good looks landed him in a number of teen magazines. His debut album, released under the Trend Records label and titled Secret Seduction, hit the stores in 1988 and reached Gold status. Three singles "Better Get Ready," "Lover," and "Buried Alive" were released the same year along with music videos. "Better Get Ready," topped the RPM Magazine's charts at number one and was used in the movie Wedlock starring Justine Bateman. His self titled album Paris Black released in 1989 by I.S.B.A. records and distributed by Sony Music was a huge success featuring songs written by Michael Bolton and Diane Warren.
In 1992 Paris redirected his focus becoming a top international model and TV personality, his studies with renowned acting coach Vic Perillo (Juilliard, Academy of Arts) landed him lead and feature roles in films as well as becoming the worlds most recognized Human Art Statue and Billy Idol tribute artist.
Throughout this time Paris continued to perform and work with renowned artists such as Platinum Blonde, Aerosmith, The Tragically Hip, and The Scorpions among many others. As well as some of the world’s top producers and song writers such as close friend Kenny MacLean of Platinum Blonde, Grammy award winner Steve Sexton and multi-platinum producer/engineer Mark S. Berry, whose credits include some of the biggest names in the music industry such as, David Bowie, Billy Idol, and Duran Duran.
After a lengthy hiatus from performing as a solo Canadian Pop/Rock artist, Paris Black is set to emerge into the rock music scene with a new sound and image vastly different from what fans will remember from the 80‘s and 90‘s. Currently signed with The Entertainment Factory/Universal Europe, Black is planning for initial distribution of his CD "Dirty Kisses" and tours of Europe and the Middle East in late spring 2009. His raw, politically incorrect, yet sexy new rocker image is one that appeals to women and men across vast age groups. Working once again with Mark S. Berry (President and CEO Attack Group of Companies) to release Dirty Kisses, a major rebirth CD that crosses multiple genres, he is set to explode onto the music scene in early 2009, while representing Guess UK as the 2009 ”Guess Jeans Guy“.


'Dirty Kisses' to be released Spring 2009

Set List

Paris Black

Same As You
World Coming Down
Dirty Kisses
Wild One
Take Me Home
Not Getting Over You

Billy Idol

Rebell Yell
Dancing With Myself
Mony Mony
Eyes Without a Face
White Wedding
Flesh For Fantasy
Cradle of Love
Catch My Fall
Kiss Me Deadly
Ready Steady Go
Kiss Me Deadly
Sweet Sixteen
LA Women
To Be A Lover