Paris Escovedo Project

Paris Escovedo Project

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Exhilarating sounds of Latin Funk fusion that differentiates them from others. A unique sound all their own.


Paris Escovedo- “The Paris Escovedo Project”
“Exhilarating sounds of Latin Funk fusion that differentiates them from others… a unique sound all their own.”
Son to the legendary Thomas “Coke” Escovedo, Paris Escovedo, of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent was born with talent running through his veins. Paris Escovedo comes from a musical talented family. His roots stem from his father and the Escovedo Brothers Band. His father and his uncle Pete Escovedo played with Santana among other legendary artists and his cousin Shiela E. is also no stranger to the entertainment music world.
Growing up in Oakland, California, Paris recalls as a child, when their parents were on tour that they would have friends and cousins at their house, including a young Sheila E., and they would imitate their parents by playing their instruments. They’d love to pretend they were artists on stage.
After High School, Paris decided to pursue his music at Boston College University where he also was a football athlete. He used sports as a way to reach his musical goals. He was fortunate to have parents who were always very supportive of his dreams. “I remember my mother would often tell me I should dedicate myself to something that makes me the happiest”. “My entire family has had the love of music in their heart all their lives and they are the utmost supportive in this field.”
His first and most important musical influence is his father. He had the very unique opportunity to be present when his father would have rehearsals that included artists like Carlos Santana, Lou Rawls, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Herbert Hancock and Stevie Wonder. He also gives credit to Tito Puente, because he was the first to give him his own drum set when he was only five years of age. He also continues to be amazed by Prince
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“His style and musicianship seem to always fit and intrigue no matter what time period is being discussed.”
Paris has been in the music business since a child and has toured as The Paris Escovedo Project, in the United States as well as overseas. The Paris Escovedo Project, a creation of Paris Escovedo, consists of a total of 10 members including him and is a completely seasoned professional band that complements each other. They have had great experiences working together throughout the years and they are now ready to release the highly anticipated album by The Paris Escovedo Project to the world.
Paris Escovedo currently signed a record deal through TMG/ LRT /Universal Music Group and will be releasing their first single “Latin Lady” off the upcoming album titled Get Them Skin which was written by the featured artist in the band Greg Esparza. Greg is no stranger to the music business he has been performing for many years as a soloist and also fronts a legendary rock band from East L.A. 1960s called Thee Midniters. They recently appeared in concert at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
“The song Latin Lady was inspired one night while dancing at a Downtown L.A. club. The DJ started playing a mambo and I was dancing with the most beautiful Latina that anyone had ever seen... I never knew her real name, but we called her Kitty Kat. Anyhow, when this mambo beat came on and we started dancing, I was on a natural high just looking at her. I kept singing in her ear, „I want to go, where ever you go‟ and she would smile and flirt back with me. We had a great time that night... I kept singing it over and over and when I got home I wrote down the entire song that kept playing in my mind... I've always been a romantic and a dreamer and Kitty Kat made a dream come true too... recalls Greg.
The single will be released the second week of January 2010 and will coincide with the release of their first musical video to be distributed on a national and international level.
Among gearing up for the release of the single and the album, Paris’ most recent projects is becoming a part of The Literacy Crusade, an organization that focuses on afterschool programs in neighborhoods that face economic challenges. Unfortunately, Paris has seen a decline in the opportunities for music education in public schools. He believes that strong afterschool programs improve the lives of students, their families and their communities.
He is currently looking forward to the release of his latest album Hit Them Skins by Paris and the Escovedo Project, due out early next year. The unreleased single “Latin Lady” has already increased their fan base through performances. Fans, he believes, are truly the most important part to being a musician. “The audience should always feel appreciated and celebrated. I make sure they see and feel us smiling at them.”
This album, like most of his music is a blend of his styles of music. Combining Urban Jazz, Latin, Pop, Funk, and Soul the end result is what he likes to call “Ghetto Jazz.” Having so many fans in different parts of the states


Latin Lady

Written By: Greg Esparza

Latin Lady (So Hot)
Words & Melody by: Greg Esparza
Music Arrangement: The Escovedo Project
Copyright 2004

I want to go – wherever you go
I would like to dance – quieres bailar
Take me to the top of the sky – I want to look in your eyes
Every time I go to sleep – you’re in my dreams – que linda

Latin Lady – whoh you are so hot – Latin Lady – eres calor

I desire – whatever you want
And if you want to dance – way up in the sky
I will take you there, baby – and I will hold you tight
You hotter than where the lava flows I think I’m going to die
Without you my

Latin Lady – whoh you are - so hot - Latin Lady – eres calor
Latin Lady – don’t you know you are - so hot

Estas en fuego – me estoy ardiendo - mi amor my Latin Lady
Tu conoces mi corazon
Estas llevando pal otro mundo
Tu conoces mi amor
Solo tu - solo tu - solo tu - solo tu - wow

Tell me all about your dreams – be they big or small
I want to make them all come true – just for you – whoh oh yeah
Nothing is impossible – oye - when you’re next to me
We’ll live our lives in ecstasy – ya sabes mi amor
Te quiero!

Latin Lady – oh you are - so hot
Latin Lady – don’t you know you are – so hot – yeah!
Latin Lady – don’t you know you are - so hot
Latin Lady – baby you are - so hot…
Check it out
Estas en fuego – me estoy ardiendo - mi amor my Latin Lady
So hot - don’t you know you are - so hot
Latin Lady – don’t you know you are – so hot
Ay! Latin Lady - eres calor

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Suavecito(Paris Talks After Song)

Peace Everybody

Hit Them Skins (Soul Version)

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Latin Lady

Nena Linda

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