paris falls

paris falls

 Taylor, Texas, USA

Our music is heavy yet clean. With a strong fender rhodes and moog synth vibe driving our music, our sound combines the past like the Wings and Pink Floyd with with the heavy modern sound of The Chromatics ans Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We put everthing into our music in the studio. Even thought Paris Falls is a 3 piece the fullness of our albums are reflected on stage every show.


Raymond and Jennifer Brown wrote and recorded their first album in their home studio before playing a show. During the recording sessions they built up their fanbase by giving away many advanced recordings to anyone who would listen and mailing them free throughout many countries. Upon completing the album titled "Volume I", they recruited Jason Wiltshire and Mike Deleon and played their first show to a very eager audience. They formed Paper Weapons Records to release the album. They immediately began recording their follow up "Volume II" which was released in March 2008, less than 9 months after the first album. During this time, the band continued to play local shows as well as playing Austin, New York, Chapell Hill, Denton, Tx., Norman, Ok., and Wilmington, N.C.
Their album "Volume III" was released June 20th. With help from Advanced Alternative Media, Vol. III got much college radio airplay and charted high on a few stations. In June 2010 Paris Falls released the two song "Big Surprise/It's a Charade" 7 inch on limited glow in the dark vinyl highlighting a fuller more upbeat direction of their upcoming album. Paris Falls 4th full length "Reverse Mirror Image" was released December 2010 and got the band on the cover of 29-95 magazine. Paris Falls' new double album, Soft Shoulders, is available now at . Their newest single "Summer Day" can be heard at .


Paris Falls "Volume I" released June 2007 on Paper Weapons Records
Paris Falls "Lonely Goodbye" single b-side "Lucky alt. version" released August 2007 on Paper Weapons Records
Paris Falls "Volume II" released March 2008 on Paper Weapons Records
Paris Falls "Volume III" released June 20th 2009 on Paper Weapons Records
Paris Falls "Big Surprise/ It's a Charade" 7 inch released June 2010 on Paper Weapons Records
Paris Falls "Reverse Mirror Image" Release Date 12/2010 on Paper Weapons Records
Reverse Mirror Image can be heard on

Set List

Our set list changes from night to night. We do not do covers. Our set ranges from 40 minutes to an hour depending on venue time allowed. we usually play our set non-stop. We also bring our home made light kit to smaller venues. We change the lights in sync with our music with foot pedals. Most people think its the venue doing the light show.