Paris King

Paris King


Paris King projects a powerful sound with great songwriting and lyricism. Soulful as he wields his guitar, Paris mixes pop songs with stories of love and observation.


As musical director and composer, Paris King has created music for Marc Bamuthi Joseph's one-man show 'Word Becomes Flesh' (2002), and Shailja Patel's internationally touring show 'Migritude' (2006).

In 2008, Paris provided recording, mixing, and guitar for 'The Sysiphus Syndrome', an original work by Amiri Baraka and David Murray. He also toured as mixing engineer for Marc Bamuthi Joseph's currently touring work, ‘The Break/s’.

Paris has performed at venues as diverse as WKD in London, the Viper Room in LA, and the Independent in San Francisco.

In 2006, Paris created, produced, and released two albums: 'Music To Groove To' with the Paris King Band, and 'Urbanfolk: Sunshine' in collaboration with Khalil.Anthony. Both of these albums are available from, and two songs from the latter album were included in the 2007 Emmy award-winning and most recent 2008 Emmy-nominated series 'It's All In Your Hands Dot Com'. As songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and programmer, Paris has produced 'Something From Nothing' (Keepers Of Time, 1998), 'Paris And Kimiko At The Xroads' (Xroads, 2000), and 'Seeking' (Marc Bamuthi Joseph, 2001). Paris has also written music for Martin Luther, Zion I, Dynamic, and Sun Ru, among others.

In 2004, Paris received a Associate of Science in Comprehensive Sound from Expression College.

As a solo artist, Paris has been produced by Scott Solter (Spoon), Joe Ciccarelli (U2, White Stripes, Elton John), and most recently Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith) with whom in 2007 he recorded an album of solo acoustic material. Paris is currently completing work on a new as-yet-untitled album, slated for release in 2010.

Paris King was voted one of the 2008's top 25 local bands in San Francisco by radio station LIVE 105 (105.3 FM).

Paris' current ambitions are a rigorous touring schedule, song licensing, and distribution for his albums.


15 Years

Written By: Paris King

After all
It's been 15 years
Since last my body lay here

Just to shake it off
We take it on ourselves
For an evening constitutional

You should have seen them
Turning around
Staring into the sun

Walking in the rain
Turns me on
Like the sound of my name

Ghost headlights
staring down

Their eyes follow me
Seeing Pharoah Isis


Written By: Paris King

You can read my mind
You see me shine
I can't get you off my mind

All I want is to be with you
All I do is think of you
All I do is think of you
I can't get you off my mind

We've been here so many times before
You can read my mind like
An open book inside my soul

All I want is to be with you
All I do is think of you
All I do is think of you
I can't get you off my mind

One Star

Written By: Paris King

Just one star away from you
I can see you there
I can see the way
Here is not so long at all
In fact you're just one star away
And it's only going to take a little while
To reach your sun

Too Hot To Touch

Written By: Paris King

Another runaway
Washed up the shore today
Sweet 16 noone heard her scream

Daddy's got a good job
Momma works real hard
But they couldn't turn the clock around Or pull the hands down
When she wants to get fast
And go head over heels

She knows a man
He takes her all around
They met downtown
She says, "Let's go for a ride."
They drive all night long

To where the bright lights take her
By surprise and drag her so low
Where angels don't go
Living like a star
She's in and out of every car just to make it

Out of touch too hot to touch
Too much too fast
Rock all the time

5 years pass and she starts to grasp
She's living as fast as a plane crashing into the ground
Shoot 'em up bang bang
Love in a backseat
Kid with a bottle rocket's
Going to burn the damn thing down
And all around
They say, "Hey!"

Country girl inside
But you could never tell

Broken Heart

Written By: Paris King, Amy Steinmann

I had a broken heart long before you came along, and it doesn't even matter if anything about it is wrong

And it doesn't even matter if you told the truth or if you lied, because I tried

But that's the kind of heart that can only love from one side

You can go out every night but it ain't going to cure your broken heart
Get knocked down in a fistfight sure won't cure your broken heart though
There isn't a cure for a broken heart but just keep trying, just keep trying

I had a broken heart long befor I wrote this song and I wrote this song baby long before you came along

You didn't know? I thought you knew You didn't know? I thought you knew
You didn't know? Didn't know that it's all the same old song

There isn't a cure for a broken heart but just keep trying, just keep trying

Billy The Kid

Written By: Paris King

Billy the Kid was a hot young dancer
No one could touch him he was too light
On his feet
You could hear people saying,
"Oh you should see him, he's amazing
A master marksman, main attraction."
And stuff like that
But Billy's got a problem learning lessons
From substances he can't stay away from
If you can see him on a good night
He's just out of sight
But it's hit or miss and
He's getting worse every night
Just give him music
And a stunning pwersona
I can take care of that
He'll wear nothing but the finest
Clothes and the flyest hats
Billy the Kid breaks box office records
I'm in charge of
Sorting through the offers
But Billy's dissatisfaction with his life
Means fame and fortune
Can never make him feel right
So Billy gets mad
Just like a great tornado
And smashes everything in his area
Words out Billy's off the wagon again
You can read all about his troubles
On page 10
Billy the Kid may be a great musician
But it doesn't mean
He makes savvy decisions
We leave for the west
In the middle of night
To try to get back to back
To when the future seemed so bright

Night All Week

Written By: Paris King

Music to groove to
So everybody up now
Everybody up and check it
Shake it out
Show me what moves you do
Just like when you used to get
Down on the dancefloor
Show me why you work
All week it will make you feel better
All night just let yourself sweat it out


Written By: Paris King

Flush that lifestyle down the drain
Then make it go around again

Feel this hole inside of me grow
Another outdated image of romance
Keeps me searching for what
I can't possess

What about the rest of us
When our lives are past
What is there to dream and die for
When we crash

Well light that flame
Burn it all away now
Just like the heroes of our past
Feel the tremble as the world
Starts to cave in
Feel the tingle but it's not your ego
What about the rest of us


Written By: Paris King

Through the group
And the shaman
Through the raincoat
Journey is through Beatrice

Be near me
For what is reality
The search for I is truth
I am she
We are Beatrice

Today's a new day
Past can seem far away
Past is prologue
Tomorrow is for Beatrice

While it's trust that we need
We seem to just keep on
Going 'til we bust
'Til we breach Beatrice


Written By: Paris King

Desert by day and
Long days and nights all alone
They caught me in the shoulder of road
Above North Bend
Out from the ridges
They were on all sides

Did I have to shoot a man down
I ride my horse and steal
Is this the last daybreak I'll ever see
Is this my last day

But they had sent word
Higher than a bluebird
While the chaplain's in town
Over a burial ground
I wish I could fly
Higher over the sky
Until I touched my wings down
In a new town

With my nice pistol, clean pistol
Trust me pistol, hang me pistol
My pistol, cleaner than a whistle
I'm a sharpshooter
I never miss with my gun

Ride into town
Drink a shot down
It's not wise to leave liquor
Lying around
I'm shot in the arm
I'm down in the dirt
They'll hang me for sure
I'll never get to California
Postcard from my partner Sacramento
Says he's struck gold
Wants me to meet him
Says he needs a strong arm
To keep an eye on a growing operation


Zbrabravo - "Abacus" (1997)
Urban Arts - "Piece Of The Answer" (1998)
Keepers of Time - "Something From Nothing" (1998)
Xroads - "Paris And Kimiko At The Xroads" (2000)
Marc Bamuthi Joseph - "Seeking" (2001)
Xroads - "Unplugged" (2001)
Paris King - "Irish Album" (2003)
Paris King - "Spanish Album" (2004)
Paris King Band- "Music To Groove To" (2006)
Khalil.Anthony - "Urbanfolk:Sunshine" (2006)

Currently, "Sharpshooter" and "Run Lola" have been receiving some radio airplay at the college level.

"Country Yams" on Zion I's new album 'The Take Over" is being considered as their second single, with a video presence.

Set List

15 Years
Whipped (All I Do Is Think Of You)
What You Got
Billy The Kid
Too Hot To Touch
One Star Away
Liberation Drive-In
Night All Week
Broken Heart

Our sets range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Currently we have two 45 minute sets of original material. We perform covers, such as "The Man Who Sold The World" by David Bowie, and "Stop That Train" by Bob Marley, but on an infrequent basis.