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"Bless The Beast"

'...clutching an acoustic guitar that he held like a Brazilian folk singer, with the neck up high and his fingers crooked delicately over the strings. At first, it was a bit shocking; who melds loose, folksy songwriting with dance beats? ...was he a genius? ...the music had such a strong afterglow that by the end of each song you anxiously awaited the next. King is an acquired taste that will grow on you.' -Katy St.Claire - East Bay Express

"An Autobiographical Tale in Which Movements Speak"

' for guitar, bass and percussion composed and played by Paris King ...enhanced the drama.' -Jack Anderson - The New York Times

"The Spanish Album"

'The sound of life today and tomorrow.' - Rico Garfunkel - Defunct Magazine


'The laid-back King seemed content ...his musicianship made it all possible.'

'Paris King made magic out of poetry, soul-stirring song craft, and funky beats.' -Eric K. Arnold - Bay Guardian

"Sweet Relief"

'It's Sept. 12, and this is the first chance to smile that any of the assembled have had in two days; the relief it brings is profound.'

'King's music is at times so minimal ...but then suddenly it creeps up ...with electronics that converge in a scream.' -Amanda Nowinski - SF Bay Guardian

"Community Service"

' Guitarist Paris King, freed from the task of providing all the rhythmic accompaniment, appeared rejuvenated.'

'Original songs ... were greeted with the same fanfare as the Missy Elliot tune Sake One spun later that night.' -Eric K. Arnold - Urbanview


'Something From Nothing is exactly the kind of music program directors and major labels don't want you to know exists. Get the CD now and you'll be able to claim bragging rights when Keepers of Tym blow up.' -Eric K. Arnold - East Bay Express

"On Tha Unda Definition=freedom"

' ...moves in a new direction both musically and lyrically.'

''s underground in the way Miles Davis' On The Corner and the Last Poets' This Is Madness were underground.'

' ...with organic, unprocessed music containing no commercial additives.' - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Record Review"

'Ever since Cream blasted onto the scene in 1966, the trio has been a vital vehicle in Rock and Roll. In the Jazz world trios have long been a staple and a viable way of delivering musical bliss, but in Rock trios were rare until the titanic threesome of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker joined forces to turn the Rock world on its ear. From that single eruption sprang forth many other trios of note, some great (The Police, Crosby, Stills &; Nash, Nirvana) some less-so (Souther, Hillman, Furay Band) and some rather unsung (Uncle Tupelo, Grant Lee Buffalo). And now add to this heady legacy three guys from the Bay Area--Paris King, Jayme Arredondo, and Jeff Drudge--known collectively as the Paris King Band. Playing together since 2004, guitarist-vocalist King, bassist Drudge, and drummer Arrendondo have created a distillation of the last 25 years of music on their debut album Music To Groove To. Within these digital grooves, are songs that combine the tight, three piece dynamics of the Police and Rush (“Sharpshooter”, “Refrain”, and “Crash”) with the Alt Rock guitar histronics of the Pixies (“Broken Heart”) and the funky rhythms of Primus (“Night All Week” , “Dying To Be Heard”) into a cohesive and satisfying whole that does more than show promise for the future. For this band, I’d say that the future is already here. With songs as varied as the delicately acoustic “Wildfire” and the electro pop of “When We Ride”, these three men demonstrate their versatility as well their chops as players; and as players, they are first rate, the intricate rhythms of “Refrain” and “Beatrice” being particular examples of their abilities. Pulling off music this complex is not easy for four or five musicians, let alone three, but the Paris King Band manage this feat splendidly on Music To Groove To, putting themselves into the ranks of the great trios of the past and present.' -Gina Morris -


'"Urbanfolksunshine" by Khalil Anthony, is a socially relevant CD of mainly adult rock music with a reggae influence. The musicianship and recording quality are very good. The tracks on the CD include a variety of genres from reggae to adult rock, which keeps the CD interesting throughout. The lyrics are deep and directed to important global issues such as war and social injustice. The rhythmic grooves and timing is very complex on many tracks, yet the band remains tight throughout and the songs remain melodic and enjoyable. "So Hard," is a very strong track with a socially dark message, but a memorable chorus with a well-fitted complex rhythmic pattern. "Stop" has a nice mix of male and female vocals, and a powerful message in the hook-filled chorus. "Hey," which has all the elements of an adult rock hit, is our favorite track. If you enjoy adult rock music that has a reggae influence, you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!' -Review by RadioIndy staff - Radio Indy


Zbrabravo - "Abacus" (1997)
Urban Arts - "Piece Of The Answer" (1998)
Keepers of Time - "Something From Nothing" (1998)
Xroads - "Paris And Kimiko At The Xroads" (2000)
Marc Bamuthi Joseph - "Seeking" (2001)
Xroads - "Unplugged" (2001)
Paris King - "Irish Album" (2003)
Paris King - "Spanish Album" (2004)
Paris King Band- "Music To Groove To" (2006)
Khalil.Anthony - "Urbanfolk:Sunshine" (2006)

Currently, "Sharpshooter" and "Run Lola" have been receiving some radio airplay at the college level.

"Country Yams" on Zion I's new album 'The Take Over" is being considered as their second single, with a video presence.



As musical director and composer, Paris King has created music for Marc Bamuthi Joseph's one-man show 'Word Becomes Flesh' (2002), and Shailja Patel's internationally touring show 'Migritude' (2006).

In 2008, Paris provided recording, mixing, and guitar for 'The Sysiphus Syndrome', an original work by Amiri Baraka and David Murray. He also toured as mixing engineer for Marc Bamuthi Joseph's currently touring work, ‘The Break/s’.

Paris has performed at venues as diverse as WKD in London, the Viper Room in LA, and the Independent in San Francisco.

In 2006, Paris created, produced, and released two albums: 'Music To Groove To' with the Paris King Band, and 'Urbanfolk: Sunshine' in collaboration with Khalil.Anthony. Both of these albums are available from, and two songs from the latter album were included in the 2007 Emmy award-winning and most recent 2008 Emmy-nominated series 'It's All In Your Hands Dot Com'. As songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and programmer, Paris has produced 'Something From Nothing' (Keepers Of Time, 1998), 'Paris And Kimiko At The Xroads' (Xroads, 2000), and 'Seeking' (Marc Bamuthi Joseph, 2001). Paris has also written music for Martin Luther, Zion I, Dynamic, and Sun Ru, among others.

In 2004, Paris received a Associate of Science in Comprehensive Sound from Expression College.

As a solo artist, Paris has been produced by Scott Solter (Spoon), Joe Ciccarelli (U2, White Stripes, Elton John), and most recently Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith) with whom in 2007 he recorded an album of solo acoustic material. Paris is currently completing work on a new as-yet-untitled album, slated for release in 2010.

Paris King was voted one of the 2008's top 25 local bands in San Francisco by radio station LIVE 105 (105.3 FM).

Paris' current ambitions are a rigorous touring schedule, song licensing, and distribution for his albums.