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The best kept secret in music


Review Voices Magazine!

Jul 19, 2007 by Alkatraz

Guitarist Michael Harris, bassist Billy Lyons, drummer Kane Russell, and vocalist Paris Luna drive their musical machine toward an ever growing audience. Their hometown music infused with current day melodies have embodied this band with a rich musical froth that spreads through the air when played. They are the fun band who rocks the party but keeps it all together. They are a band with one foot into the experimentation of the future and one foot in the harmony of the past.

Their name although shadowed after their vocalists' name, has a certain power to it. Of course Paris has many images and people associated with it alone. Then the "Luna" part of their name is reminiscent of some kind of Pink Floyd song. Paris Luna together sounds like an futuristic moon bar, infecting patrons with groovy sensations of what is and what will become. But their name is only a sliver of what makes this clock tick.

I hear a lot of bands and this type of band has something that will appeal to a lot of people, but more importantly they have longevity. And in a world of cliched music and repetitious corporate "tunage" this band has my vote all the way. Pick up a copy of the bands new album entitled "City Lights" and see what cool energy this band exudes. Check them out at - Voices Magazine-Alcatraz 7-07

Paris Luna- City Lights CD Review
From Joy Johnston,
Your Guide to Atlanta, GA.

Paris Luna is an Atlanta-based band who released the album, City Lights, in 2007. It is an interesting blend of pop, rock, blues and folk musical styles.

Paris Luna is an Atlanta-based band consisting of Michael Harris on guitar, Billy Lyons on bass, Kane Russell on drums, and Paris Luna as lead vocalist. Paris shares songwriting duties with album producer Chris Sevier. The band's sound is a blend of pop, funk and folk. Their 2007 release is entitled, City Lights and the band is scheduled to perform at the Atlantis Music Conference. They also performed at the 2007 SXSW, the acclaimed music festival in Austin.

City Lights keeps things interesting by incorporating a lot of different influences but the record is well-produced and sounds cohesive as a whole. I hear a bit of The Sundays on the opening track, Having a Hard Time with its catchy melody and Paris Luna's enchanting, haunting vocals. I also sense a bit of southern-tinged blues rock a la The Black Crowes on tracks like Tell Me Why and No Good for Me. There are songs that rock harder, like All for Nothing, and pretty ballads like Can Hardly Wait, with jazzy scat singing to end the tune.

Throughout, the emphasis is on crafting catchy, but well-written songs. January Still, towards the end of the album is a great example, mining familiar broken heart territory with an undeniably catchy melody that sticks with you.

Paris Luna tour frequently throughout metro Atlanta and the Southeast. They are currently on the indie label Severe Records. Check them out on the web on the - Your Guide to Atlanta

Paris Luna - City Lights - CD
(Severe Records) Wow! I was completely caught off guard with this release. Paris Luna is a female powerhouse whose vocals remind me of Natalie Merchant with twang. And let me tell you, they shine brightly on every tune on this release. The opening song "Having a Hard Time" reminded me of the early '90s band, The Sundays. Paris Luna and her teriffic band of musicians then merge into the country end of the musical spectrum. Paris shines the brightest on these tracks. "Someday", "Tell Me Why" and "All for Nothing." "No Good for Me" starts her journey toward a more rock/pop sound, and is another strong tune on this release.

While the rest of the tunes on "City Lights" continue to shine, I prefer the songs that have a stronger country feel to them. I do love the tune "Sad Goodbye (Rescue Me)" where is as perfect as a song can get. And while a few of the songs do sound a bit too popish for my taste, the overall CD is going to be getting repeated listens.
-- Mite Mutant (2007) - Chicken

Monday, July 02, 2007
Paris Luna - So Unlike Me

"I'm more than than a shoulder for you to cry on." The credentials are up front, and honest. Better than that is the funky band adding many delicious flavors to this cut. The drummer and bass player are working in tight unison, with the guitars adding perfect spices in just the right amounts. I can't help but dance, and this, my friends, is a start of a great Monday party. "It's so unlike me that I ever let him in. . ." starts the story. "Nothing in this world could ever justify the way he treated me." Sounds pretty prosaic? Not when you hear it – the rhythm flows like a carefully crafted poem. Well done. The shoutouts for two more relationship songs are completely different flavors, which showcase the versatility of the musicians: Tell Me Why and Having A Hard Time. Paris Luna - Eartaste

Paris Luna – City Lights

Paris Luna – City Lights / 2007 Self / 11 Tracks / /

Paris Luna start out their "City Lights" in a way that reminds me of Sixpence None the Richer. The first track on "City Lights" is "Having a Hard Time". "Having a Hard Time" is a rock track in the same vein as a Kelly Clarkson; the bass and drums make for an easy listening track, one in which the vocals of Paris rest comfortably. The band's work on "Having a Hard Time" and on the second, more country-influenced "Someday" shows that they are very capable. During "Someday", the band is able to craft a sound that is specifically their own, while moving to include a more Shania Twain-esque set of vocals at points.

The acoustic guitar that opens up "Tell Me Why" is yet another new thing that individuals will experience when it comes to Paris Luna's "City Lights". The guitar work opens up and the end result is again something that would not be surprising in the least ot hear on modern rock radio. The one thing that I feel is a difference between Paris Luna and the rest of the acts on those types of stations has to be that Paris Luna tells much more of a story with each track on "City Lights" than the other acts in the genre. The guitar progression on "Tell Me Why" shows that the rest of Paris Luna's band is much more talented as musicians than many of the acts in that genre.

The fact that every one of the tracks on "City Lights" could conceivably rocket up the charts is further testament to the skills and abilities of Luna and the rest of eir band. "No Good For Me" is a track that breaks free of the general formula used by Luna, in that the tempo is much slower and the vocals are much more emotional than in prior tracks. There is some unity between "No Good For Me" and the rest of the tracks on the disc, but the success of this track shows that Paris Luna will succeed in any style, using any sort of influences that are thrown at them. Paris Luna will be big after the right individuals hear this album, and I have a feeling that this will happen in the short term rather than the long term. Check out Paris Luna now, and be sent on an emotional, fun, and impressive type of modern rock.

Top Tracks: Having a Hard Time, All for Nothing

Rating: 6.8/10
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This is a strong and sophisticated record with soothing songs and pro production in the tradition of Edie Brickell and even The Sundays or Mondays - whichever day you prefer. Stronger bass lines and harmonic keys throughout making for comfy texture and songs as keepsakes.

It's a record made not for the simple sake of making a record, but with a well thought plan in mind and a group that understands what constitutes a great song: Keep it simple, Stupid.

Luna's voice has a velvety softness to it and the record is subtly produced with this in mind. Of course the band is also her namesake, so maybe she insisted on it.

Well, it works and instead of hiding behind talentless programed beats and pop song monotony, a warm soul shines. I don't know about a wounded or old soul, early days yet. No, no haunting misery on the piano here (Tori Amos, anyone?) but sincere pop writing. Imagine, real people singing about real stuff who only want to sing and not take over the world. A recommended listen.

Freddy Jisp
See review and comment at - Left Hip Magazine

CD Review 4 Stars!! whooohoo

CD: City Lights
Label: Severe Records
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Quentin Foster- RMR Reviewer

A mindblowing experience. This is the best way to describe our time listening to this album from artist Paris Luna. "City Lights" is a strange assimilation that unites the genres of pop, rock, blues, and folk and makes the one perfect fusion. The music is very original, and very catchy. A great album for anyone who even remotely likes music.

Quentin Foster - RMR Reviewer
- Roots Music Report

Artist: Paris Luna
Title: City Lights
Label: Severe Records
Paris Luna

The subtle "new" American style that has been slowly gaining in popularity is difficult to describe. It is a combination of all things real, a sound that marries folk influences, jazz, rock and occasionally even a hint or two of European musical traditions, but never obscures the band's own personality.

Paris Luna's debut album City Lights impressively combines many of these influences into eleven tracks that are attractive and promise great things in their future. The introductory track Having a Hard Time is catchy, upbeat and surprisingly mature, a wonderful example of what they are capable of and what is likely to become their signature sound.

Following are Someday and Tell Me Why, songs that hint at a rich background of folk and country, comfortable for the listener because the sound is familiar and the lyrics are easy to relate to. The band broadens their reach in the next songs; All for Nothing that has a harder pop-rock sound, while No Good For Me and Can't Hardly Wait are particularly interesting because of more complex harmonies and melodies, bringing to mind Tonic's Soldier's Daughter. The surprising So Unlike Me has a definite dark funk sound, a style for which Luna's voice seems particularly well matched.

As the album progresses City Lights continues to surprise and delight with interesting changes in texture, harmonies and styles, becoming progressively more dramatic and personal. Closing with the tough Sick of Yourself, Luna's voice seduces in a dark, rough but communicative style, appropriate to the mood of the lyrics.

A strong debut album, City Lights is a demonstration of what good musicians Paris Luna and her band can be.

STAFF RATING 8 out of 10
For Review Link Below: - Vol 8


Paris Luna's Debut Album "City Lights"
Airplay for Having a Hard Time, Sick of Yourself, Tell Me Why, January Still, All for Nothing, Lately

Single: Having a Hard Time


Feeling a bit camera shy


From the inception of her music career, Paris Luna has crafted smart, subtle songs with shimmering melodies and affecting lyrics. Over the course of a year, guitarist Michael Harris, bassist Billy Lyons, drummer Kane Russell, and vocalist Paris Luna have fused funk and folk with edgy guitar and atmospheric keyboards to achieve a gentle yet insistent signature sound, set to delight critics and fans at home and abroad. Paris Luna's bold new colors are on vivid display with her debut album, City Lights, which was released through an indie-label, Severe Records, in May 2007. Primarily written by Luna and producer Chris Sevier (Eliot Morris, Matt Woods, The Rewinds), the lyrics to songs like the soaring Having A Hard Time, the evocative All For Nothing, and the yearning Tell Me Why, reminisce and reflect on loss; furthermore, they strive for a sense of peace, balance, and acceptance. “They are an exploration of the everyday struggle to survive”, insists Luna. Russell says of the band's musical method: "We build on layers, adding density and strength. Whether we're in our pop music vein or a more folk-oriented one, we maintain a very democratic approach". Lyons further illuminates their sonic makeup: "Paris plays guitar and piano, helping her structure as a songwriter and arranger. Paris and Michael complement each other – Paris is great with texture, Michael with leads. I concentrate on tone. My favorite music is reggae, because I like the solidity of that bass work. As for Kane, well, he is the most studied musician between us all".
This creative synergy had its beginnings in rural Carrollton, GA., where Russell, Luna, Lyons, and Harris assembled in early 2006. "We've started to reach new heights musically", says Luna, "touring is very exciting, because this band is going to keep growing”. In 2007, Paris Luna played SXSW and is on the bill for the upcoming Atlantis Music Conference slated for September. She is also one of the 20 out of 300 bands invited to join the Atlantis compilation CD due out this year; however, Paris Luna continues touring relentlessly to spread her music. Currently, City Lights, is doing well being played in heavy rotation on various radio stations across the country. For Paris Luna, the thrill is just beginning. The music, finally, is the message Paris Luna’s band conveys - and it is a triumphant one.
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