Paris Luna

Paris Luna


Meet Paris Luna - one of the hardest touring bands in the Southeast.


From the inception of her music career, Paris Luna has crafted smart, subtle songs with shimmering melodies and affecting lyrics. Over the course of a year, guitarist Michael Harris, bassist Billy Lyons, drummer Kane Russell, and vocalist Paris Luna fused funk and folk, edgy guitar and atmospheric keyboards. The band has achieved a gentle yet insistent signature sound, set to delight critics and fans at home and abroad. Paris Luna's bold new colors are on vivid display on her debut album, which will be release through an indie-label, Severe Records, in early 2007. Primarily written by Luna and producer Chris Sevier (Eliot Morris, Matt Woods, The Rewinds), the lyrics to songs like the soaring �Having A Hard Time;� the evocative "All For Nothing;� and the yearning "Tell Me Why" reminisce and reflect on loss, but also strive for a sense of peace, balance and acceptance. �They are an exploration of the everyday struggle to survive,� insists Luna. Russell says of the band's musical method: "We build on layers, adding density and strength. Whether we're in our pop music vein or a more folk-oriented one, we maintain a very democratic approach." Lyons further illuminates their sonic makeup: "Paris plays guitar and piano, and that helps her thinking as a songwriter and arranger. Paris and Michael complement each other � Paris is great with texture, Michael with leads. I concentrate on tone. My favorite music is reggae, and I like the solidity of that bass work. And Kane is the most studied musician of all of us."

This creative synergy had its beginnings in rural Carrollton, G.A., where Russel, Luna, Barker, and Harris assembled in early 2006. "We've started to reach new heights musically," says Luna. "Touring is very exciting, because this band is going to grow even more.� For Russell, the thrill is just beginning. The music, finally, is the message Paris Luna�s band conveys - and it is a triumphant one.


City Lights - Severe Records 2007

Singles released to radio:
"Having a Hard Time" - 2007

Set List

More than anything, we love to please a good crowd, because after all, that's what we're in it for. We'll play all the originals from our record, like "Having a Hard Time" and the rocking "All for Nothing." In the same breath, we'll kick some ass covering Zeppelin, Bad Company, or AC/DC. Don't think I can hit those notes? Come see for yourself!