Paris Strother

Paris Strother


"I'd heard that this music would be loud, full of energy and plugged in! It was all of the above and more. Paris covered Latin & Afro-Caribbean rhythms, original compositions and arrangements. The energy was electric, while the joy may have disguised the complexity of the music..."


Paris Strother was barely walking and talking when she discovered the piano-her father, Curtis, played gospel keyboards and sang in church. Paris could pick out melodies she heard him play as early as age two, and sometime around age three or four, she started formal lessons. Paris continued her studies under the instructions of various gospel, Suzuki and classical piano teachers until she discovered jazz when she was in eighth grade. From that point on, she knew she had found an art form that she wanted to make into a career.

By the age of 13, Paris began to play professionally around Minneapolis for such events as mayoral inaugurations and fundraisers, and soon graduated to playing the most renowned jazz clubs in the Twin Cities by age 15. By the time she finished high school, Paris had already performed with some of the Twin Cities’ best performers and musicians. She then took the most practical step towards turning her passion into a career; she decided to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Berklee proved to be a challenge for Paris, but a challenge she welcomed. The encouraging yet intimidating climate pushed her to better her craft, and by the end of her second year had graced every stage, big and small, at Berklee. She easily adapted to the different styles that all of these opportunities called for, ultimately transforming her into a talented artist in many different genres.
Her musical talent has afforded her with the opportunity to perform across the nation as well as around the world- she has been featured on tours with many outstanding artists in Holland, Russia, Cuba and Greece.
Paris’ talent has garnered her much attention and many awards, including an institutional endowment from Berklee College of Music, the Duke Ellington Foundation Legacy Award, the Edward Bazinet Foundation Village Scholars Program Scholarship for the Arts, the Mary Minell Scholarship for Education, The Minneapolis Urban League Scholarship, The Minneapolis/St. Paul Links Scholarship for Academic Achievement, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority African American Achievement Scholarship, and the DeLaSalle Alumni Scholarship. In the Spring of 2004, she was awarded with the honor of becoming the first female finalist in the auditions for the Dave Brubeck Institution Fellowship program. She has been featured in a number of media articles, including writings in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, The Jazz Police Online Jazz Review.
In May of 2008 Paris graduated with Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Writing and Production, and continued her education by working in production and development for the historic Monterey Jazz Festival. She now lives in Los Angeles, California, and is working as a performing artist, songwriter, and as the Special Programs Coordinator at the Thelonious Monk Instiute of Jazz. Paris has developed into a “noteworthy talent”, Keep an eye on her!

Set List

Our set list varies depending on the venue or performance...we can be heard playing anything from hip-hop, jazz, r&b, soul, brazilian, afro-cuban, live drum'n'bass, all in one performance, even sometimes all in one song.

Original Songs include:
Half Moon Lullaby
Skye Blue
At The End of the Day
Tree in the Desert
San Rafael
Take a Look (for Josh)
Donald Lee
O Kosta
Late Night

Traditional Jazz standards as well as our own original and fun takes of compositions from these artists-

Miles Davis
Stevie Wonder
Carlos Santana
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Roots
Joni Mitchell
Avishai Cohen
Cyrus Chestnut

You have to hear it to believe it.