Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, POL

ParisTetris is a Warsaw based band playing together since 2008. They are one of the most
exciting live band in Poland. Their music is a combination of the two aesthetics: avant art
pop with modern underground genres as guitar noise, yass, electronic music and many many others...


ParisTetris is a Warsaw based band playing together since late 2008. In 2009 they released their first album: PARISTETRIS.

The album received very good reviews and the band quickly became notorious throughout Poland for their live act.
Later their track "Electrodomestics" appeared as track 1 on the Wire's "Exploratory Music from Poland" compilation. That same year they were nominated for best artist of the year by Aktivist Magazine.

In 2010 they released a second album: HONEY DARLIN'.
HONEY DARLIN' was mostly recorded in Buenos Aires in February 2010, as the band set to play a series of concerts there and in Brazil (Rio, Sao Paulo and Sao Carlos). On their return to Warsaw ParisTetris performed various pre-release concerts in Poland and Iceland.

The album was mixed and co-produced by Eddie Stevens, former keyboardist of Moloko and actual live band arranger for Roisin Murphy.

Many of the tracks in the latest album have videoclips. The track "Sponge" is now being worked for an animation prepared by Kasia Nalewajka for Se-ma-for ( film production studios.

ParisTetris received the Ciechowski award from the City of Torun in October 2010. The jury was made up of the legendary band Republika, journalists and city authorities.


The Warsaw group don't quite look or sound like anyone else. The closest thing that springs to mind is probably Deerhoof, due to their incredibly tight playing and ability to turn on a sixpence, shifting time signature and tempo with seeming ease, as well as singer Candelaria Valliente's absurdist, cut-up lyrics. But they're far poppier in tone and texture, if not in compositional style - resplendent in a bright yellow superhero suit, Valliente's voice runs the gamut from folksy meow to histrionic bellow, drowned in salvoes of chart-friendly, almost trancey synth. It's a bizarre combination, to be sure, but it works, especially alongside anime-heavy live visuals. Even without the Manga and videogame clips projected onto the wall behind them, there's something very Japanese about their ability to simulate total, primary coloured sensory overload. Imagine Melt Banana's explosive hissy fits contained within fractured art-pop and you're somewhere nearby.
Rory Gibb

...Paris Tetris, whose beguiling mix of off kilter melodies and jilted, shifting time signatures bend our tiny minds and protect us from the rain, undulating from cartoonish theatrics to 8-bit electronics in a heartbeat. – review: Off Festival 2011

Musical projects undertaken by Macio Moretti and Marcin Masecki simply should not be missed. Both their talents go into the full-bloom mode when the circumstances are unexpected and unusual. One’s memory needs to go no further than Masecki’s Half-Mitch-Half-Ape performances so perfectly fitting into the outrageous Mitch and Mitch Big Band shows, or their trio with guitarist Raphael Roginski, which earned esteem after just a dozen concerts, a live CD and playing Lambada for the city constables dispersing their half-legal show on Warsaw’s Plac Zbawiciela Square.
Paristetris, the band they co-create with Candelaria Saenz Valiente, with the help of friends, who included Kuba Kossak on bassoon, Bartek Magneto on guitar and DJ Lenar on turntables, is an extravaganza of precisely such situations: frivolous, inspiring and bound by no musical taboos. The result is a mad, eclectic, hit album, on which nothing seems impossible, where everything, and at the same time nothing at all, is taken seriously: surrealism, cabaret, jazzy songs, electronica, punk; lyricism and absurdity; melody and noise. Whichever way you look, Paristetris just beams with fascinating contrasts that weave the fabric of each piece. The music is damn catchy, but with great sense of humour. And, while Marcin’s and Macio’s reputaions are well-established, Candelaria is for many a completely new face. But her exploits on this here record and her wild performances on stage are quite simply awesome. If she played with any other group of musicians, you would only remember her after listening, but here everybody supplies the goods, making this record a masterpiece.
Piotr Lewandowski, ?

The talented Argentinian Candelaria Saenz Valiente sings, and her no-less-apt husband, pianist Marcin Masecki, accompanies. The core lineup includes Macio Moretti, a musician and graphic designer who puts out a hundred projects every hour, here responsible for highly expressive drum parts. The background is also crucial, but it is those three elements – vocals, piano and the razor-sharp Wurlitzer, and drums – that organize the compositions: from melodic verses with obscure lyrics to noisy breaks a la Frank Zappa or Mike Patton. Imagination goes hand in hand with discipline, madness doesn’t contradict the pieces’ cohesion, the avant-garde ambitions don’t eliminate the sense of humour. It is quite surprising how many different approaches


(2009) Paristetris
(2010) Honey Darlin'