Paris Wells

Paris Wells

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Paris Wells has spent the past few years building a grassroots buzz in her hometown of Melbourne, which in recent times has grown to massive hype around Australia. She has been billed as the next big thing in credible, meaningful pop music in her country.


Fiery songstress Paris Wells signed to local label Illusive Sounds in 2007 and shortly afterwards released her debut EP, Mum Hasn't Slept Yet. The outstanding reception that this release garnered was the catalyst for her scoring the coveted national support slot for Justin Timberlake's record breaking FutureSex/LoveShow tour of Australia and New Zealand.

The word spread quickly – she was a must see act. To cap off an incredible six months, her summer included appearances at Australia's most prestigious – and most loved - music festivals including Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Good Vibrations, St Kilda Festival, Sydney Music Festival & Meredith Music Festival. After another six months of sold-out intimate shows in some of the country's well known venues, Paris unleashed her freshman LP on the world in June '08 in the form of Keep It. This was followed by a stack of near-perfect reviews in some of the Australia’s most recognised music media.

Since then, one of Paris' tracks – Grace Baby – has been used as the soundtrack for one of the year's biggest advertising campaigns which aired nationally for over 12 months. I Went Down to the River to Pray was commissioned as the soundtrack for a landmark new advertising campaign for Tourism Victoria, which saw more exposure on television networks for Paris. Lonely went on to win first prize in the Pop/Top 40 category of the International Songwriting Contest and while she was on a roll, Paris then went on to be the recipient of the Jessica Michalik Contemporary Music Endowment in 09, a part of the bi-annual APRA 2009 Professional Development Awards.

Paris travelled to the US in ‘09 and began work on the record. She visited New York, and immersed in the sounds of America’s Deep South in New Orleans, Atlanta and Washington. She returned to Melbourne, built a new studio and set to work.

It was here that Various Small Fires was born. From the wild and spirited tracks to the poignant, softer moments, Various Small Fires is a daring combination of fierce electro-soul sounds with lashings of seductive beats, created by vintage instruments and modern synthesizers. Paris explores some racy and bold territory. Her music reflects her free spirit – a notion tackled with the album.

Paris Wells returns with a beautiful, eclectic and audacious sophomore album that will kick you in the balls and leave you begging for more.

“No amount of repetition will make you tire of this fantastic, diverse album”- 5 stars – Newcastle Herald

“This assured follow-up to 2008’s Keep It should rightfully see her become a household name” - Inpress


2007 - Mum Hasn't Slept Yet EP
2008 - Keep It LP
2010 - Various Small Fires LP