Strong melodic songs and energetic live shows are certainly a part of the magic, as is the bands ability to connect to with their audience.


Parker eventuated from various encounters of like-minded individuals, whether it was due to inebriated anecdotes of school days shared over a few drinks in a pub, or a discussion between friends culminating in the realisation that they share the same love of music. Finding each other through the communicative power of the grapevine and the pleasant, yet sometimes maligned nature of networking, whatever chance encounter occurred, it has led to the birth of Parker.

Their influences vary greatly from the sublime guitar pop of Britain, to the grittier anthemic sounds of the US. Throw in the old school forefathers of the more rhythmic variety, and include some of the delights of their Australian predecessors, to arrive at a low-fi sound, that is emotive and sonically charged.

They enjoy listening to an eclectic array of sounds. This diversity enhances their developing nature of songwriting... their subconscious channels these influences and therefore places various snippets of audible genre, thus creating their very own music.

Parker have been around for over five years now, having enjoyed many gigs with many other acts, some of them to be proven, well-known performers. The Parker extended family grows with every gig as their developing songwriting skills flourish, like a well-nurtured balanced child, with a dash of rebellion.

Parker prides itself on its live performances, a place where they find themselves most comfortable and at home... on stage and performing their expressions through song. Many a time has a Parker band member been approached after coming off stage by an innocuous punter blurting out the words "You guys rock. You'll be famous one day" .

Parker has never been short of inspiration either. An impressive back catalogue lies dormant as do several tracks off their latest release due to more impressive new tracks driving the live performances.

Parker are musicians and through the song and live performances is how they communicate and they want to be able to communicate with as many people as they can.

So take a minute, check them out and join in the ParkerLife.

Star Song was produced by renowned producer Woody Annison, who has worked with the likes of Rocket Science, The Living End, and Spiderbait.

So take a minute, check them out and join in the ParkerLife


2007 - Currently in production
2004 - Lose your way
2002 - Self-titled
2000 - Aeroplane blonde

Triple J - January, Safe Hands
Triple R - Safe Hands, Show Me, Follow
Triple M - Meltdown on the Weekend, Sail Away

Set List

Here is a typical song list for parker. Each song is approximately 3-4 minutes, and a set normal duration is about 45 minutes depending on venue/gig requirements.

Star Song
The Hypocrite
My Music
The world won't break down
Safe Hands
Take you home
Hold My Hand
It never mends
Wasting all your time
No ordinary girl
Safe hands

Look out for Parker's occasional interpretation of some well known songs.