Parker and Lily

Parker and Lily


Caustic narratives couched in anthemic, soaring melodies.  A lo-fi symphony of farfisa & strings, steel guitar, horns & feedback (imagine Palace orchestrated by Tindersticks), with mournful southern tints giving way to bright walls of vocal melody and shelves of Velvet-Underground-style noise.

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The Low Lows

Written By: Parker and Lily

  From a DC-9 at night
look out on a field of lights
But that’s not for you and I, I know
Pools of darkness lie both to the left and right
beneath the swollen sky

On a DC-9 in flight
they turn the aisle lights off at midnite
I saw a bright and shining sidewalk through the clouds
slowly diverging from our route
and pressed my hand against
the tiny row of plastic windows
& watched the next to last hope go
The low lows

I Am A Gun

Written By: Parker and Lily

Shoot me, I am a gun
don’t take me off the shelf
you’ll be sorry you drew me
sorry you knew me
I am a gun
  You think
flowers are pretty
they don’t mean to be
they’re just hungry for sun
& it’s true I’m a lousy man
but I’m a fine, shiny gun
  Sorry I went off honey
sorry I love to fight
sorry I went off honey
sorry I’m not right
I’ll take you out tonight
  Hing Hang Hung
I am a gun


Three-Day Life (vinyl single - self-released 2000)
Hello Halo (LP - Orange Recordings 2000)
Here Comes Winter (LP - Manifesto 2002)
The Low Lows (LP - coming out Jan. 2005 on Warm Electronic Recordings)

Set List

We play all originals and our set ranges from 35-50 minutes, or roughly 12 -15 songs which include:
Hello Halo, My Golden Arm, Suit of Fire, I Am A Gun, and The Last Good Night.