Parker Urban Band

Parker Urban Band

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The Parker Urban Band is inspired with musicology and groovology. They have a variety of influences that all connect to a common thread.The songs written hold a piece of personal history shared to the world. It is in their hopes to touch fans with their words and blues soul folk tinged rock sounds.


MYRNA STALLWORTH- is emerging as a consistently engaging vocalist on the urban adult contemporary scene. Gifted with a strong, supple alto voice, Myrna has been influenced not only by R&B, but Jazz and traditional Pop - which gives her music a distinct adult sophistication. Born in Jacksonville, Florida Myrna gravitated to music at an early age. Her strict upbringing however meant that only gospel music could be heard throughout her childhood home. It wasn't until the age of 33 that Myrna felt the pull to pursue a secular musical career. Smooth and mellow, Myrna is an outstanding singer, songwriter, arranger, and performer - all rolled into a 6'-2" package.

JOHN PARKERURBAN, Born in Flint Michigan has been playing guitar since the age of twelve. He began working on his ear playing a 1968 Gibson SG through a Jambox while listening to Randy Rhodes, Stevie Ray, Saul Hudson, Angus Young and Hendrix. John has traveled the globe in the Marine Corps while slinging his guitar the whole time. John has played with Natalie Stewart of Floetry, opened for ARS and The Wailers. Since arriving in Florida in 2003, he has gained a passion for the southern hip folk tinge jam rock coming from artist such as Jimmy Herring, Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks, WSP, and progressive artist such as Guthrie Govan, Allan Hines, and Scott Henderson.

ERIC JORDAN DAVIS, born October 21, 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida began playing music at the age of 12. Eric played drums in the Marching Band at Southside Middle School. He began playing bass at the age of 14. Eric spent his Freshman year at Englewood High School playing drums in band and attended his Sophmore year at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts playing bass with the orchestra. At the age of 16, he performed with Susan Tedeschi and Duane Trucks for a charity benefit for The Sierra Environmentalist Group at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida.

JUANITA PARKERURBAN-Raised in Southern South Carolina, a quiet and shy girl with musical aspirations and dreams at an early age. Sparked by a toy piano under the Christmas tree, started her love for music. She began playing by ear, and later on took piano lessons for three years. Her interest spawned into singing after performing in the children’s choir at church, but was too shy at the time to act upon her interest. In the confinements of her own space and comfort zone, she would lock herself in her room to explore different types of music to sing to, as well as the music exposed to from her parents. Upon growing older she still continued to keep her musical ear open by teaching herself piano, singing in the choir, and musical plays at church and school. As well as pursuing other dreams in the Arts with dance. Into adulthood, she built her musical interest with a voice, by singing to her family and friends and then later at open mics. After marrying guitarist John Parkerurban, she had no choice but to continue building on her musical journey, as she was always surrounded by music and inspired. She also developed a passion for writing, which she hated in school, but was always complemented on by her teachers. With still a lot more room for continual growth and improvement with her singing and songwriting skills, Juanita brings a lot of courage and sultry sound to the mix and killer harmonies with singer Myrna Stallworth.