Parkes Stewart
Hearken back to a period in time when that smooth Motown sound delighted the ear. The golden years, long before soul music deteriorated to meaningless bump and grind. In those golden years there was a message in the music and as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder proved, the lyrical content could almost be…spiritual. Like a man born out of his time, music artist delivers music that is heartfelt spiritual soul and R&B that evokes comparisons to the greats of rhythm and blues that influenced him. Similarly gifted lyrically, he takes smooth to a new level linking their old school flavor with new school vibe.
If the name Parkes Stewart is both familiar and unfamiliar, it’s because he has written songs for other artists such as:

1. “Cry On” for 112
2. “Open Arms” & “More Than Just A Melody” for Yolanda Adams
3. “Ordinary Just Won’t Do” for Dave Hollister
4. “I am Here”, “No More Loneliness”, “Victory” for Commissioned

Parkes Stewart sings and writes a thrilling combination of spiritual soul and R&B music that seamlessly blends songs of longing, pain, love and hope. Parkes explains that his objective is to be the (‘nexus’ meaning connection) linking our humanity and spirituality. His intention was to look for the purity in the love relationship, the relationship between husband and wife, man and brother, man and God. Parkes music has something for everyone, for people who have experienced divorce, the young person with potential who just needs a helping hand and for the burdened soul who needs God.
For Parkes, it has always been more than music; it is about keeping it real and dealing with issues that are usually swept under the carpet. The music then becomes not just an expression of what he does; it is truly something he is.

Set List

All Original songs. Set varies