Park Evans Quartet

Park Evans Quartet


From the outer reaches of the universe to the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities, Park Evans Quartet has exploded with out-of-this-world compositions and superb, fiery musicianship.


Park Evans has become a Minneapolis guitar icon. His versatility and craftsmanship have earned him a highly desired spot as the axe man for a long list of diverse groups including These Modern Socks, Inspirado, and Dub Sack, not to mention his work with vocalists Sophia Shorai and Katie Gearty. His true fire is now burning through with the emergence of his own group, Park Evans Quartet. Superb original compositions and a tour de force band including Twin Cities masters, Greg Schutte, Cody McKinney, and Peter Vircks create a pallet of sound that flows like the river, freezes like ice, but burns red hot night after night!


Surviving Desire--Caveman Records 2006
Impossible Party--2003

Set List

The PEQ show consists of one 90 minute set of all original material. The show can easily be split into two 60 minutes sets or any other configuration based on the venue and occasion.