Parking Lot Special

Parking Lot Special


After a month long tour out west in the summer and the release of the first EP, Parking Lot Special is ready to hit the scene with their unique brand of rock and roll. Expect high energy fun, explosive drumming, beautiful vocal harmonies and mean lead guitar when you see Parking Lot Special perform!


Not so long ago, in a galaxy closer than you think, there spawned a band influenced by the greatest minds in rock-and-roll history; Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Ritchie Valens to name a few. A cry was heard through the cosmos; a cry for soulful, groovy rhythms and an explosive live show. And there beckoned an answer…. “Parking Lot Special!” A band known to rock the bar circuit in southern Ontario, as well as special events, western tours, fundraisers and private parties. A band with a combined musical experience old enough to be their dad, the best dad! So strap on your dancing shoes and let’s PARTY! ..


The Best Way EP