"A polished-off cross between well known acts Switchfoot and 3 Doors Down..."


- Featured on the compilation album "Addiction V.7" featuring such other acts as Dishwalla, Greenwheel, Emerson Hart (of Tonic)

- Showcased at The NEMO Music Festival 2006

-Headlined soldout shows at famous Boston venues such as the Paradise Lounge and Bill's Bar

- Boston's 2005 Anthem Events Battle of the Bands WINNER (over 50 bands competed)

- Finalists in The 98.5 MixFest Music Search (over 40 Bands competed)

- Parkview is currently a member of NACA

Come closer to the edge with the Boston based five-some Parkview and realize just how far they've had to climb. Their music is a transcendental release from the harsh realities of life, the scars left behind by bite marks of challenge and perseverance. And that’s just what this band is all about, showing their scars and the blossom of truth behind the sometimes disfigured emotional center known as the human experience.

Parkview originally exploded into the underground music scene in late 2004, bringing with them their own intense brand of rock n’ roll - a polished-off cross between well known acts Matchbox Twenty and 3 Doors Down. Since then, they’ve been riding a wave of turbulent musical energy with gripping live performances, led by the sheer vocal intensity of lead singer Glenn Romero. The band has played more than 100 shows, in the last year, infecting the ears of hundreds of fans along the East Coast.

Nearly a year has passed since New England’s best-kept secret embarked on their musical venture, touring relentlessly in support of fans, playing to bigger crowds with each passing gig. In addition to a variety of club and bar shows, the band gave an electrifying performance at Boston’s Anthem Battle of the Bands in 2005, capturing the top spot and taking home first prize – a concert in Florida before an audience of 50,000+.

With all that’s happened in such a short time, the most important elements of Parkview are still in place and going strong – hard work and determination. And for fans wondering what Parkview is up to lately, they’ve recently released their latest EP, “Songs Above The View,” that promises to surpass all the band’s previous endeavors.


New Album scheduled for Summer 2007
Recent EP "Songs Above the View" released Feb 2006
Debut EP "Walk Alone" released Aug. 2004

Set List

Typical set list consists of mostly original music, with a few cover songs, and runs approx. 1-1.5 hours

Jacked --------------------- Parkview
Changing Tides ---------- Parkview
Send Down The One ---- Parkview
Closing Doors ------------ Parkview
So The Story Goes ------ Parkview
Run Me Over ------------- Parkview
Carry On ------------------ Parkview
Find A Way --------------- Parkview
Other Side ---------------- Parkview
Devils Queen ------------- Parkview
Counting Blue Cars ----- Dishwalla
House By The Water --- Parkview
She's Gone --------------- Parkview
Pride and Joy ------------ Stevie Ray Vaughan