Parlez-vous anglais?

Parlez-vous anglais?


The Electronic funkadelic post punk cosmic disco band that is gonna shake your bootie like Buddy Holly!


New solo project of a french artist with a german background, newly signed on the FTW label, mixing different music styles and regrouping them in a think thank of Indie Electronic Funk Rock Synth & Retro Cosmic Disco inspirations, whose key words could be : electronic simplicity, melodic efficiency and analogique groove...

PARLEZ-VOUS ANGLAIS?‘s influences could make you think of some DFA artists (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture...), while other tunes turn to an Electronic Rock close from We Have Band, on which you could add a disco touch borrowed from Breakbot’s ancestors, without forgetting some analogies to some prog-rock bands...

When you grow up in the 90‘s, you’re inevitably influenced by decades of musical revolutions, and PARLEZ-VOUS ANGLAIS? is kind of the outcome of this unbelievable mixture.

Listen to Considerations, Ultrapreiss + 4 electropop hits including a remix of Ultrapreiss by RQTN on the digital EP : « Pronounce : Par-Ley-Vu-En-Gley » available on the fucking FTW label.


Listen to the first EP released by FTW -
Pronounce : "Par-ley-vu-en-gley"