Parne Gadje

Parne Gadje


A whirwind of beautifal balkan and arabic inspired music palyed masterfully on bizarre instrumentation. Real, intimate, acoustic and straight from the heart. Phenomenal players from a group whose sound comes from a country uncharted, a territory undreamed and a place deep in the collective soul.


Parne Gadje have always travelled their own road. The flavour of their sound might have strong Balkan-influences but they are outlaws to the genre; creatively mixing the music of the Rroma, Greek rebitiko, and a growing spread of sub-continental and oriental styles to create a tradition of their own. Recorded during a concert tour of Germany late 2006, MANGUPI is a straight-forward document of the groups musical development and hard proof of their phenomenal live reputation. It also clearly illustrates that the band doesn’t need the controlled environment of a recording studio to show what they are capable of. What you hear is what you get – and it is stunning.

With 13 brand new tracks plus 3 new versions of songs released on earlier albums, MANGUPI offers over an hour of beautifully balanced recordings of the band moving effortlessly between full-blast Rroma jigs (Keren Šavora Le Drom, Dusty Road), sparse Greek ballads (Isoun Mia Vrisi) and improvised dervish-like grooves (Suleiman Aga, E Romajnakoro Èuèeko) (Keren Shavorale Drom, Dusty Road), sparse Greek ballads (Isoun Mia Vrisi) and improvised Dervish-like grooves (Sulymann Aga, Romajnakoro Cuckeo). The groups trademark acoustic orchestral sound is, as always, supplemented by the textures of the unusual self-built instruments they use (velofoon, fietsbandbas; a unique instrument that gets it low bass tones from rubber strings made from the inner tubes of bicycle tyres) to create music that sounds like it comes from a country that hasn’t been discovered yet. Mastered by Alan Ward at Electric City in Brussels, the sound of MANGUPI is bright and deep and its atmosphere is warm and intimate.

Parne Gadje are without question on their way to establishing themselves as one of the most important and innovative folk groups in Europe. Their first two albums “Isi li vilo Akate” (2003) and “O Manus” (2004) placed the group in a category and class of their own. The release of the “Bizoagor” album (2006), a collaboration with Rroma poet and activist Gjunler Abdula, saw the group sidestep towards experimental spoken word landscapes, establishing band leader and bandoeon player Marc Constandse as an extraordinary composer. The performances that make up MANGUPI cement their reputation as musical renegades and confirm the depth of the groups inventiveness. We can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that there isn’t a band around who sound quite like PARNE GADJE.

PARNE GADJE are: Marc Constandse (vocals,bandoneon,percussion),
Dan Tuffy (Fietsbandbas,electric guitar), Michiel Hollanders (velofoon,resonator guitar),
Gerwil Kusters (clarinet, saxophone, dura-gadja)

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Isi Li Vilo Akate 2003 Full length album
O Manus 2004 Full Length album
Bizoagor 2006 Full length album
Mangupi 2008 Full length album
Tracks from all albums have received airplay in the Benelux, Germany and various parts of Europe
Entire O Manus album was on in-flight entertainment schedule of Lufthansa in 2006

Set List

The band has over 3 hours of material
Festival set list varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes
Own show set list is generally 2 x 1 hr
Typical repertoire includes songs from all releases as well as new tunes band is currently working on
Set is a mixture of origianl pieces and re-workings of obscure music from the Balkans, Greek Rebetiko, Turkish and berber influenced grooves