Parrington Jackson

Parrington Jackson

 Bristol, England, GBR

Although heavily guitar driven we are always looking to experiment and develop our sound. We have established a collaborative writing ethos that shines through in the diversity of our music, one which aims to be catchy yet challenging, always seeking to surprise and entertain.


Taking their name from the victim of an unsolved 1940s murder (in which a cinema manager was shot in his projection room - the shot timed to coincide with a shot in the movie that was being shown at the time), Parrington Jackson are a melting pot of varied influences, and are inspired by life's many twists, tales, woes and conspiracies. Influences include Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Muse, Nirvana, Radiohead, Led Zep, Interpol, U2 and many more. After their first E.P 'Drapes' (which was immediately picked up by BBC Bristol Introducing and further received numerous airings), Parrington Jackson recorded their second E.P entitled 'The Beyond Within' and were invited back to BBC Bristol Introducing to promote and perform in a live acoustic show. All five members are equally dedicated and unified in their desire to succeed, and they are a band who are constantly striving to push the boundaries of mainstream music.


Drapes EP - 2008
The Beyond Within EP - 2010

Set List

We currently have a flexible set list, playing from 30 minutes to up to an hour.