Parris Bacon
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Parris Bacon

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Country Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




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8/3/09 | 5 comments
Hermon native brings Nashville act to Bangor

By Jessica Bloch
BDN Staff

BANGOR, Maine — Hermon native Parris Bacon may be on the verge of success in Nashville, but he took time to perform at the agricultural stage of the Bangor State Fair on Saturday night.

The longtime country music singer and songwriter who is on the Sony BMG label, said he is working on an album of his own, and also has a publishing deal with three of his songs awaiting final deals with singers.

Bacon declined to reveal which singers could record the songs, but hinted country fans might figure things out if they listen closely.

“I wrote one called ‘She’s a Cougar,’ and I think if anybody hears me sing it, they’ll know who the artist is, and I’m just hoping he’ll get it on his album,” Bacon said during a quick interview while he got ready for his set Saturday night.

Bacon, 48, is a Hermon High School graduate who said he remembers seeing country acts at the Bangor State Fair as a child. He started playing guitar when he was 12 and wrote his first country song a year later. He played in several bands as a high school student.

Bacon continued to sing and write but only started to take his career seriously seven years ago after he had a throat operation which, he was told, could have been career-ending.

“I wasn’t going to be able to sing again. I was told that,” he said. “And I promised, if I could come out of it, that I’d try to do something.”

He got some encouragement a few years ago during a brush with the now deceased Maine philanthropist Larry Mahaney.

Mahaney, the story goes, heard Bacon sing his song “Now You Did It,” and asked Bacon who wrote it. Bacon told Mahaney it was one of his own, and Mahaney encouraged him to record the song in Nashville.

Bacon said he has written more than 800 songs.

“It’s kind of like, you want to be a swimmer, how many laps you have to do around the pool,” he said.

Bacon is spending the summer in Carmel with his two children, including daughter Paige Bacon, a singer.

According to his page on, Bacon will appear at 8 p.m. Aug. 28-29 at the Stress Free Moose Pub & Cafe in Greenville. He’s also working in local studios to keep up with his songwriting.

“I work here and e-mail all the songs to Nashville,” he said. “You can do anything on a laptop

- Jessica Bloch


Still working on that hot first release.



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Parris Bacon
Born in New England, Parris Bacon
was influenced by great artist at an
early age such as Elvis Presley,
George Jones, George Straight, Alan
Jackson, Hank Williams, Jr., Lynyrd
Skynyrd, Beetles, and Jeffrey Steele.
This inspiration of country music
came from years of watching “Hee
Haw” while at his grandfather’s farm
in upstate New York. Parris began
playing the guitar at 12 years old and
wrote his first country song by the age
of 13. Due to his mother’s love of
country music, Parris’ first song that
he learned how to sing was “Release
Me” by Ray Price. Parris started his
very first band at the young age of 13
with two neighborhood boys …. By
using only one amplifier, two cheap
guitars, and plastic pails turned
upside down for drums. During his
freshman year of high school, Parris
was asked to play in a band called
“Uncle Ron.” Parris’ requirement to
join the band was to buy a good
amplifier and guitar. He had to work
one very long hot summer on his
grandfather’s farm in upstate New
York to save every penny to finally
buy a used Fender Twin amplifier and
a Fender Mustang guitar. Uncle
Ron’s band played a lot of Bad
Company and Doobie Brothers
music. During a high school summer,
the band was asked to play a
wedding, but the set list did not have
any country songs. When the bride’s
father approached the band and said
that if they didn’t play some country
songs that they wouldn’t get paid.
Parris spoke up and said “I know a
few”… but not being the lead singer,
the band told Parris to go ahead and
take the lead to fulfill the Father-ofthe
Bride’s request. The ambiance of
country music filled the room followed
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Streams Downloads
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Featured Songs
1 I MISS YOU Country
2 NOW YOU DID IT Country
the band told Parris to go ahead and
take the lead to fulfill the Father-ofthe
Bride’s request. The ambiance of
country music filled the room follo