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"Big Time Champion for June!"

I’ve been following this guy’s stuff for a couple of years now, and I’ve yet to hear anything that didn’t just absolutely rock. He’s got a new CD out now that’s pure Texas. In fact, it’s called… “Texas in the Man.” Hellaciously appropriate title, if you ask me. - Hoss the Boss Radio - Song of the Month

"The Constable Croons Country"

This issue also spotlights one of our local law enforcement officials, but in a far different - and lighter - manner.

Precinct 2 Constable Mike Parrish, who formerly served as Chief of the Daisetta Police Department, has a commendable history in law enforcement, but he also has a successful sideline interest. Parrish is an award-winning internationally known performer and writer of Country Western Songs, whose music enjoys a high level of popularity in Europe and Australia. Read his story beginning on page 4, then go online to www.mikeparrishtexas.com and enjoy his music.

Locals know Constable Mike Parrish best as a law enforcement officer, but fans in Europe and across the world know the Liberty County resident as a rising star in the music industry who is about to release his first album.

"It is something we do on our off time," Parrish said about the musical career. "But we have had pretty good success."

Born in Jacinto City, Texas to MC and Mary Parrish, Mike grew up with three passions - Texas, law enforcement and music. Since his father was in the oil field construction business, work took the family to towns like Hull, Lufkin, Woodville, Giddings and Lafayette, Louisiana, where Mike eventually finished high school.

He got his first guitar on his sixth birthday and had another by the time he turned 8 years old. A year later, he wrote his first three-chord song, a little ditty he titled "If I Had a Dollar."

"I'm still wishing I had a dollar," said Parrish, who is under paid like all those who wear the badge to protect and serve.

His passion for music was further nurtured through school band, for which he played trumpet (*Note: And I played football too!), and in church.

"Mom made sure me and my two sisters sang in church every Sunday," he said.

During his formative years while living in Hull, Mike made friends with another musician, Sammy Hundley, who is a key member of Mike's band today.

"We grew up a country block from each other," Hundley said.

A few weeks ago, Sammy ran across an old notebook full of songs he wrote as a young boy, and it included a few the two wrote together years ago. Even at that early age, the duo appeared destined to share the music stage with one another as they received early influences from groups like Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Eagles.

However, the young Texan had another passion during those times, law enforcement. As Mike puts it, there were three things to watch in Hull back then - pumpjacks, railroad tracks and police cars.

"I watched Bobby Rader in that highway patrol car and knew that is what I wanted to do," Mike said about law enforcement work and Rader, who worked as a Trooper for the Department of Public Safety back then but who is a well-known insurance agent and Justice of the Peace in Liberty County today. "I always looked up to and respected law enforcement officers."

After completing high school, Mike approached the Sheriff of Tyler County about entering his ranks, and the elected official suggested he get some military experience and come back and see him then. So after three years in the Army, Parrish returned to find a new Sheriff had been elected. Nevertheless, the department did sponsor Mike in the East Texas Police Academy.

Upon completion of the course and attainment of his peace officer's certification, the young man went to work for the Sour Lake Police Department. After a six-month stint, Mike was hired by the Kountze Police Department, where he served for six years including about three years as Chief of Police. Mike later worked as an investigator for the Hardin County District Attorney's Office but he soon moved to Daisetta, where he was named Chief of Police in 2001.

At the time of his arrival, the town had been without a police department for nearly two years, and Mike was given the task of starting from the ground up. By the end of year two, the city had grants for five officers, and Mike and his staff got busy cleaning up the town.

"We had great success fighting drugs," said Mike, adding that once the drug users were in jail or run out of town, the burglary rate took care of itself." In fact during his first year in town, there were about 30 burglaries reported. By the last year Mike was there, that number had dropped down to two. Believe it or not, Mike said he even busted a methamphetamine lab about 50 yards from the police department's front door.

While serving in Daisetta, Parrish said he took pride in starting the department from ground zero, targeting the city's drug problem and beginning a junior police academy. On the flip side of the coin, Mike said an officer-involved shooting within his department and being run over by a suspect driving a dually truck were two low points.

That driver - Matthew Whitmire - while awaiting trial in Liberty County Jail tried to hire a hitman to target a local DPS Trooper who initiated the chase and witnessed the incident. Whitmire is now serving a lengthy prison sentence for his actions.

When Constable Pct #2 Jimmy Belt resigned his post to accept another law enforcement position, Liberty County Commissioner's Court appointed Parrish to fill the vacant position, and area voters followed up by electing Mike to the post in November (2006).

With a small staff of two, the Constable's Office stays busy serving civil papers for the precinct and enforcing the county's License & Weights Program countywide. While that position keeps him busy, Parrish has found both the time and a way to fulfill his other two passions by writing and singing songs about Texas under the moniker Mike Parrish & SixGun. The group is set to release its first album - Texas in the Man - in late August.

However, all 15 cuts have been on-line for several months, and the music is getting rave reviews from around the world. According to Parrish, the music has been a part of several on-line reality show competitions and it has won a number of awards in the contests.

"It's all about fun," said Mike, adding that his songs "Texas in the Man" and "Blue Jean Baby" are number one and two among listeners voting in the International Fame Games Radio Contest in Europe. Furthermore, there are more than 10,000 fans who are part of Mike's "MySpace" fan page on the internet.

With early thumbs up from listeners across the world, Mike and Sammy are hoping to develop a loyal following locally as well.

When asked how they chose the band's name, Mike said his wife, Tonya, came up with it. Pointing to Mike and citing why, Sammy said, "There needs to be a focal point, and he is the one who wears the hat."

As to why the two picked to self-publish the album and place the songs on the internet first, Mike said, "We don't want to lose control of the overall art of our music, and you can put your music out there for every one."

Addressing music on the internet, Sammy added, "It is a cottage industry, and it is blowing up right now."

While most of the songs are about Texas, one of the album's pieces is a military tribute, which might have been nixed by a publishing house not wanting to make waves on an introductory album.

Reflecting on his music's lyrics, Mike said, "It's not about the money. It's about conviction, and we just really wanted to say what we wanted to say."

Adding the final word and summing up his latest endeavor, Mike said, "I would rather be sitting in a rocking chair saying I tried rather than what if."

For those who want to learn more, hear a tune or two, or order the band's music, log on to www.mikeparrishtexas.com - Liberty County Outlook Magazine - W.G. Bradley

"Not ZZ Top Clones"

While ZZ Top comparisons are almost automatic, this is not to say that this band is a ``clone`` - they`ve got a sound of their own, largely helped by the excellent lead vocal. Highly recommended, gutsy rock n roll! - International Fame Games Radio

"Blue Jean Baby Reviews"

SongoftheYear.com - April 2007 - "The lyric is soulful and thought out very well with a pleasing upbeat melody that implements the mood precisely. This song has the essence of country with blues sensibility. The title has a wonderful place and this makes the song very memorable. The song is marked with an accomplished composition and powerful vocal performance. Your professional approach to your craft is stunning. I'm most impressed. The musical implementation has strong resolve and a playful sound that gives the song life. Great job! The composition is entertaining and professional. It would be fruitful to get it to an established artist(s) with a suitable style to capture the rhythm and soul of this composition and propel it into the musical charts." - Song of the Year - Houston

"More Blue Jean Baby Awards & Reviews"

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July 25, 2007 - GarageBand.com TRACK OF THE DAY

I can't think of a single thing to fault. Brilliantly written, performed and produced. I normally write my reviews whilst i'm listening to the track...but this song i had to wait till the end. It's a hit, all the way. Great work from everybody concerned. - Robin Tymm from Ashbourne, United Kingdom on 2Sep2007

Screaming guitars!
The guitar work was really great! The song is fun and upbeat with an appropriate hook line. I think it was interesting doing unison rather than harmonies on the last line. This is a great boogie-woogie song that had me dancing in my chair! -
Jeanette Myers from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada on 9Jul2007

Oh Yeah
I like the energy of the song, real rockabilly. I'd say this is a good honkytonkin live song...good work -
Timmy Lee from Martinsville, Ohio on 9Jul2007

Very Well Done!
Nice gripping intro...felt like i was in a bar, very cool. You guys are definitely very seasoned...cool song, cool writing, great vox and guitars - Old Southern Moonshine Revival from High Point, North Carolina on 11Jul2007

How dare you post something that keeps my foot tapping like this does. My wrists are sore from playing air guitar. The hook won't leave my head, you have created another earworm, those tunes you can't get out of your head. You have a lot of nerve putting something so infectious on the internet. - David Hartt from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada on 11Jul2007

1)The lead guitar playes like a cross between B B King and Geaorge Thorogood and was a pleasure to listen to I was playing air guitar all the way.
2)The hook worked well as did everything else the lyrics were great fun too
3)The sound again no fault here I enjoyed your song I was entertained thank you. - THE DRUID - Stephen Groggin from Ireland on 15Jul2007

Totally not country. Aaand I don't mean this in a bad way! You guys friggin rock. You know how to lay it down. Lead singer: sweeeet! I like your sort of detached style. Lead slide guitar: sweeeet! A rockin' song. Really, you guys got it happenin. Lyrics: reminiscent of Chuck Berry. You can't go wrong that way. - Nick Linville from Newberry, Florida on 26Jul2007

Alvin Lee goes RockaBilly
For the boogie woogiers that really want to go for a little ride this song might take them there and for the Rockers theres a shapr lead guitartest playing some pretty hot licks - Madylan Rose & the Bad Boys from Bay Area, California on 27Jul2007

Exciting guitar
I hear rockabilly coming out of this!! Lead guitar of course is very impressive here. The hook sounds very familiar..possibly so retro because of its rockabilly sound. I like it! Very danceable and catchy! -
Lauricia from Oulu, Oulun Lääni on 28Jul2007

Rockabilly Poets
Lyrics make this piece. Fantastic. The meter is perfect. Almost rockabilly but more refined. Production was great, all balanced well in the mix, no hogging. Fine set of musicians from the drummer to the vocalist. Great effort. like your style. - Akibakei from Tokyo, Japan on 29Jul2007

Now That's Music
It's Catchy. The Guitar fits great. And the lyrics sound really country. One of the best songs I've heard on this site. - Karma Blue from Sarasota, Florida on 29Jul2007

Rockabilly style
First let me say that I love the rockabilly, upbeat sound. Had me dancing in my seat. Lead guitar is amazing. Very talented. Great hook. Sounds very well put together. Nice production job. I'll listen to it again, for sure. - Crossties from La Mesa, California on 30Jul2007

Hot Up-Tempo
This song is new country thru and thru! Hot guitar and guitar makes this a moving song. Not much melody but has a lot of action! -
Rich Everman from Dubois, Indiana on 31Jul2007

Review by Dave
Great sound guys! Love the guitar work...great southern boogie sound. Excellent arrangement and hook. If I could be critical about this song...I would say cut the reverb...you definately don't need it dude. - David Delle-Vergin from Kyneton, Victoria, Australia on 1Aug2007

Rockin' Dirty Guitar
Nothing boring about this song. It has a classic country rock feel with a contemporary flair. Nice male vocals,great beat and mood. Loved the dirty lead guitar riffs. Cute playful lyrics. I could see this being played at any honky tonk everywhere. - Kathy Garrison from Baltimore, Maryland on 5Aug2007

50's Classic
Wow this track would be awesome in Europe right now. They are really diggin classic rock. This a awesome song and its got some really great production. I loved the lyrics and it made me want to swing man! This should make the Top 40.. - LACS from Baxley, Georgia on 7Aug2007

Ratlle & Roll
Great screamin' guitar intro. Can't stop tappin' my legs while listening to this song. Woepie, this is real good dancin' swinging old school country rock. Nice outro with smooth female vocal at the end. It's a pitty she isn't doin the backing vocals in the rest of the song! Maybe somethin' for the live version? - Zuper from Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium on 10Aug2007

Blew the Doors Off
I think I know this dude...knew it right away when the song came up. Cat didn't waste no time, blew the doors off and rocked the house. man, if i was in a honky-tonk about 12 midnight and the band cranked this out, i'd duck for cover and try to stay out of the way to keep from getting trampled to death by all the chicks running to the dance floor...a definate country rocker..the thing drives...lead guitar is killer... this is one helluva good piece here. Outstanding. - Thomas Scott Pearce from Alert, North Carolina on 11Aug2007

Who's a good guitarist then?
No nonsense heads down boogie. Great sound - excellent guitar and very tight band. I imagine you guys go down well live. Nothing to criticise - if you're in the mood to listen to some upbeat blues, you'd be hard pressed to find many better tracks than this. - George Dickie from Forglen, Turriff, Scotland, United Kingdom on 18Aug2007

Rick's Review
Slow them Horses Down, Lets all stop and Listen, I haven't heard an Edge and Groove like this since the KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS. THIS IS SPECTACULAR!! LOVE THE GUITAR TRACKS, IT HAS A ROCK-A-BILLY FEEL MIXED WITH A GOOD Country Voice. - Rick Stavely from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada on 19Aug2007

Great kick off
I like it!!! Good song. Good picking. Good singing. What more could you ask for. You ought to on the radio. - Guitar Fred (Mike Goodman Band) from Green Forest, Arkansas on 20Aug2007

Great country dance beat!
Upbeat, good electric energy, easy on the ears, guitar licks are smooth & don't tear your ears up; sounds like a fun song to dance to naked in a barn with a few cowgirls! Yeeh haaW!! - Fizzlebuzz from Huntington, New York on 21Aug2007

I'm telling my Daddy! LOL
Great intro, had me rocking in my boots and it just got better from there! Very catchy tune with some great picking going on and just the right amount of Lead guitar fills. Great solos. Brilliant sound that has enough originality to not sound "done before". "Better not mess with a blue-jean baby"...HA HA! I like it! Had a good laugh at the end! Great song guys, if this isn't on the radio yet, it should be!
Congrats. Steele - Trevor Steele from Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada on 23Aug2007
- GarageBand.com


"Texas in the Man" LP
"House Full of Nothing" LP
"Black Gold" EP



“I’d rather find myself at 80-years-old sittin’ in a rockin’ chair, knowin’ that I tried, rather than wonderin’ how life might’ve been if only I had.” (Mike Parrish)

Emerging from the pumpjack-speckled prairies and woodlands of Southeast Texas, Independent Country Music Artist Mike Parrish is nothing short of boastful of his heritage and proud of his Texas roots. The International Fame Games Radio Panel said, Every now and then you get a band that seems poised to do something great. We think this is one of those bands.

When Mike was a kid you might’ve found him, on most any hot Summer day, walking the railroad tracks with his lifelong friend Sammy Hundley or building a tree house while they dreamed aloud of their future exploits with a band they planned to call Black Diamond. Often times, a stereo served as their amps, Mike's living room sofa was a makeshift stage and broom handles made perfect air guitars to the blaring music of bands like KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. They'd play those air guitars and leap from Mrs. Parrish's sofa just as they've finally leapt onto the European and Texas Country Music scene.

Life seemed to have simply gotten in the way of this childhood dream, as they grew up and moved away from their small home town of Hull, but the dream somehow survived 30 years of perpetual motion. When fate landed Mike and Sammy back in their home town they picked up right where they'd left off almost as if there had never been any time or distance between them. Sammy had become an accomplished musician while Mike had become a distinguished Texas Peace Officer having risen to the rank of Chief of Police twice, in two separate Texas towns, and elected Constable once. This Parrish-Hundley reunion rekindled the fire that still smoldered within the dream and within their hearts, the dream of making music.

In June of 2006, in a beach cabin on the Gulf of Mexico, Mike & Sammy recorded the first demo, “Runnin’ Outa Time” for Mike’s solo album, an album that would later be titled “Texas in the Man.” This demo was Mike’s first choice because it spoke of the old railroad track that they’d often walked as boys and, since they were both now in their early forties, the title seemed so symbolic. While standing on that shore, Mike told Sammy that the time was now to record the album and fulfill a dream or their story would never be told. And they got busy.

Armed with a Mac computer and free GarageBand software they recorded the 15 tracks that completed the “Texas in the Man” EP, the title song built around the lyric, “It’s not about the man in Texas it’s the Texas in the man.” The album was released in September 2007 and by January 2008, Mike was able to retire from his law enforcement career and focus entirely on a life of making music. By December 2009, the first 9 singles had made the European Country Music Association National Top 40 Charts a total of 24 times in 10 countries.

The two lifelong friends began playing acoustic duo shows all over the greater Houston area under the moniker of “Sammy & Mike” and full band shows were billed as “Parrish-Hundley.”

The Parrish-Hundley duo continue to hone their craft and play their music all over Southeast Texas with quiet satisfaction in knowing that a childhood dream can become reality.