The Parson Red Heads

The Parson Red Heads


The Parsons create a mix of throw-back 60's pop, with a hint of modern indie/folk music. The rattling of multiple tambourines, guitar solos, dance-able rhythms, masterfully used feedback, and four part harmonies combine to create a sound that is both unique, modern, yet somehow classic and familiar.


Change is often a good thing, and no one knows that better than The Parson Red Heads. In 2005 they packed up and moved to Los Angeles, leaving behind their family and friends in Oregon to share their music with a bigger audience. It worked, and over the past five years they have become an integral part of Los Angeles east side music scene with residencies at Silver Lake Lounge, The Echo and Spaceland, and have been featured on KCRW along with about every other musical outlet Los Angeles has to offer. They’ve loved their new home of Los Angeles, but in the same spirit that they came here, the band is seeking to continue their musical journey this fall in their old home of Oregon, this time in Portland, where a lower cost of living and a closeness to numerous musicians there will help them continue to explore their art and keep them on the road.

The band of Evan Way (vocals, guitar), his wife Brett Marie Way (drums, vocals) and Sam Fowles (guitar, vocals) have busily been working away on a new full length album the past few months. Recorded in part with Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Broken West) in Los Angeles and with Chris Stamey (Whiskeytown, Yo La Tengo) in Chapel Hill, NC the new full length will be released later this year. In the meantime, and because they wanted to offer their fans something new on their upcoming summer tour, the group put together a 4 song tour only EP entitled Early Birds. With the upcoming move it was only fitting that the group returned to some of their oldest material from their days in Eugene and updated it to current Parson standards. “Choose”, “First Movement” and “I Miss Your Smile” where all originally written and performed by the band back in 2003-2004 and were released on the now out of print Ghost of a Crab and Songs for Lions. Those songs now feature the group’s trademark vocal harmonies and guitar work, while new song “Never Ending Road” is a delicate Beatles-esque ballad served up by Fowles. Early Birds will be available only as a CD and only at their shows, so if you want your copy, make sure you get out to see the band on tour this summer.


Field Mouse Carnival - EP (Yukon Records)
King Giraffe - LP (Yukon Records)
Owl & Timber - EP (Parson Farm Records)
Orangufang - 7" (JaxArt Records)
Early Birds - EP (Parson Farm Records)

Set List

Set list is varites, but a typical one is like this:

1) Knew A Young Girl
2) You Can Leave It
3) Time Is Running Out
4) Out To Sea
5) Got It All
6) Punctual As Usual
7) County Line
8) Burning Up The Sky

35 - 40 minutes