Parson's Road

Parson's Road


Straight country with a bit of a roots rock twist, with a "I swear these guys got one of the Hellecasters playing in there for 'em!" Solid written songs with versatility of different country soundscapes.


Parson's Road is a band that wanted to take on the traditional country flavours yet add a little something extra to the sonic landscape. Combining breakneck speed train tunes along with more atmospheric alternative directions, the band has a sound that has few rivals. The Band was founded in mid 2007 with members who all shared the desire to try something new in the country arena, but yet with enough focus to still put the sound home to its roots. By putting honesty first, the band has put much into their music that relies on pure musicianship. The band members are, Dan DesLauriers/ vocals, guitar, dobro. Robert Beaudoin/drums, backing vocals, and Bill Green/ bass and backing vocals. Their unique talents make for a sound and approach that leaves nothing untried in the ever growing field of country music. Please take a ride on one or two of our roads through the sonic countryside. !


Back Into The Country; released 2008. Local radio play, and tracks on myspace

Set List

We play all origianl sets for the most part, we do a few instrumental covers.