Parted by Illusion

Parted by Illusion

BandRockNew Age

Try to incorporate psychedelic vibes into a hard-rock backbone. The music is spacey and in your face!


We are influenced by all kinds of bands ranging from Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Procupine tree, Buckethead, Atomship, Les Claypool, Simon Says, Tool-to Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, etc. We try to step away from the cookie cutter radio rock and truly make music that steps out of the boundaries of trying to sound like any other band.


4 track demo that is on The songs are a couple years old, waiting to record all of our new songs.

Set List

We can probably play about 6-7 songs in a 45 minuted set time. Our songs are not the usual radio legth of 3:00-3:30 everytime, we usually have somewhat longer tracks.
Here are most of newer songs that we would play at a show:

The Moment
Sleeping Awake
Plastic Smile
Problem for All