¡Partíbánd! is the perfect house party rock band. Bright guitar riffs, funky bass lines and barbaric drum beats force audience members onto their feet. ¡Partíbánd! interacts with the crowd and generates excitement with their own tracks and stong covers.


¡Partíbánd! was created to play at University of Oregon house parties by the members of the band in Feb. 2009. While Patrick and Chris having been playing in a band in one form or another for years, their talents have been highlighted by the talents of Leighton and Trey, making this their most exciting project yet. After generating a fan base at house parties the band as jumped into the Eugene, OR bar scene. Playing for all sizes of crowds they have been received well by numerous bar audiences. Currently based in Eugene, they look forward to extended their fan base across the Pacific Northwest.

Brittany Powers of D-List magazine:
The clamoring of cheap tin beverages bellow out from the hole-punched adobe walls of local house party. The foundation is convulsing to the beat of a wild barbaric rhythmic percussion, know as ¡PartÍbÁnd!. Inside hoards of sweat-soaked bodies manically jump up and down anticipating the possibility of landing on one of the many truncated beer pong balls decorating the floor. Sporting an erratic grin while spewing post-expiration date brew on the devotees, the lead signer boomerangs his prized turquoise fanny pack into the crowd as a token of love. Adjacent to this bouquet toss on steroids, where a pack of female wolves claw at one another for the worst invention of the 1980’s, a decrepit old pug is relieving himself on someone’s unattended pizza.


Demo CD - (Life in the Phallout Shelter)

Set List

Kick Out the Jams - Presidents cover
Life in the Phallout Shelter - original
Sgt. Peppers - Beatles cover
Piano Song - original
Funk in your Face - original
Team America - movie cover
Robot Rock - Daft Punk cover
Panty Lines - original
Sexy When I Move - original
Tribal - original
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Miser - original