Parti Gungrog

Parti Gungrog


Parti Gungrog bring new life and meaning to ancient Welsh songs. Sioned Camlin sets up the groove to spin her awesome tales of happiness and woe while the boys mess around on their fancy instruments.
A laid-back reggae dance vibe, crazy accordion riffs and a lead singer on a mission - Parti Gungrog are at the cutting edge of new Welsh roots music.


21st century Welsh roots music welding the raw beauty of the traditional songs and ballads of Wales onto an accordion fuelled rhythm section.
Lead singer, Sioned Camlin hails from the Banw Valley in Montgomeryshire, Mid-Wales. Her first language is Welsh.
At the age of 14, having studied drums and percussion under veteran Welsh rocker, Gwyn "Maffia" Jones, Sioned and a bunch of school-friends formed the prog-rock band, Strap The Button. This band continued through high school and beyond. They released three professionally recorded CDs and performed at many festivals and venues.
In 2009 Sioned learned to play her songs on the ukelele and formed the band, Parti Gungrog with Clovis Phillips (bass) and Rees Wesson (accordion)
She is also a member of Joe le Taxi - the No.1 UK Zydeco band.

"Burning Issues" - County Times.
"Mesmerising" - Mid-Wales Arts Centre.
"Well Moody" - Harriet Bartlett.

Gungrog (pronounced Gun-Grog), near Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, formerly spelt Gwngrog. According to an excellent Welsh authority, Gwngrog is an abbreviation of Gwaun-y-Grog, meaning “the meadow of the gibbet”.


Parti Gungrog CD album "Fy Manana" Released 2012. Meantime Music. Also available to download at the band website:

Parti Gungrog Official Video "Angau" Released Feb 2013