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The best kept secret in music


"How many brave souls..."

...are out there that would dare mix elements of afro-latin beats, punk, and politics? Seven. And all of them are members of the wild ride known as Partisan. The Atlanta-based band recalls past post-punk exploits by noise revivalists Fugazi and Sonic Youth while maintaining their sense of heritage with folk and afro-beat. Groovy basslines and complex song arrangements make the band not only compelling but downright inspiring. A full listen will impress upon you that this group is smart and well read, not just in music but in politics, poetry, and prose alike. Vivid and astounding songs that are crisp with fat beats, crafty guitar fuzz, and noisy explorations. (Editor's Pick) - Smother Magazine

""Screaming Man"..."

...mixes together Rise Against and Against Me! to come up with a style of punk music that is heavily grounded in the 'true' emo genre. Couple that sound with a guitar line that seems most proper in Queens of the Stone Age tracks, and "Screaming Man" is a track that is dense to an almost-Rush degree. Partisan is not a band that is happy continuing the existing order of things, as all facets of the band (bass, drums, guitar, and vocals) are all given equal time to shine in practically each of THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL's 16 tracks.

During a song like "Music is the Weapon," the vocal presence is scaled down to an almost-instrumental output, allowing individuals to hear the intelligent arrangements of Partisan as clear as day. The ability of the band to create such beautiful music makes a song like "Music is the Weapon" something that turns itself into a dance track, as the nest of bass guitar and drumming that takes center stage here on the track will grab at listeners hearts and pull. Perhaps most interesting in a track like "Music is the Weapon" is the fact that tribal rhythms are used to a high deal of success during the track. The inclusion of this different sound does not sound tacked on in the least, and just increases Partisan's stock that much more. "Money Changes Everything" may just be the pinnacle of tracks on THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL, as it rivals even the most flighty Pink Floyd tracks in sheer number of things attempted in a four minute track. For my money (pun intended), I would have to pick up Partisan's CD well before I would grab an Against Me! CD.

The compositions are richer and better thought-out, and the overall sound of the band is much more friendly and accommodating to a wider swath of society. Even when the band comes through with a slower opening to their track (as is the case during "Farther North"), it only takes a few seconds before the band innovates and speeds up the track to create a rhythm that will get people moving while their brain is firing at a hundred miles a minute. Partisan has came out of nowhere and with THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL, I can only hope that it will be a short few years before the band is rightfully plastered all over major music magazines and radio.

Rating: 9.2/10 (Hall of Fame) - NeuFutur Magazine

"In a metropolitan area..."

...already receiving international attention for its music scene, one of the most surprising musical debuts of the year is by a little-known band called Partisan.

On THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL (Reason Y Records), Partisan uses hardcore punk as a starting point, then leaps into experimental noise, post-rock and countless other stylistic shifts with the unpredictability and ferocity of a beast. Its standout track, "Music Is the Weapon," mixes a backing chorus and multiple tempo changes into an incredibly empowering experience...

THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL is more than a political rant. It draws strength from the seven-member band (along with several guests): Nelms' growly vocals, drummer Santiago Junca's polyrhythmic beats, and Lee Tesche's mordant, straight-laced guitar lines are mashed up into a sound remarkably multilayered for a hardcore record. - Creative Loafing

"Not only is the idea of seven bandmates..."

...a unique concept, the meshing of a variation of musical genres and sounds aid in the extensive range of the debut album from Atlanta's Partisan. The root of THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL centers on a screamo-rock atmosphere, with branches reaching into raspy indie downbeats. The album slightly taps into a jazz-laced melody in "The Method," a surprising contrast to the strong vocals (which at times overpower the underappreciated Latin/Afro instrumental blends throughout each track). Listen for the distinct sax and harp additions in "The Partisan," a rare combination mixed to near perfection. Open your ears to the innovative sound of THE GOTHIC AND THE GOSPEL, a distinctive album worthy of a listen or maybe two. - Skratch Magazine

"Now, the reason this is Must Hear Music..." that Partisan is a compilation of its musical influences without being obvious carbon copies of any of them. They are Jazz, Hardcore, Rock, Tribal, Jam and probably some others that I'm missing, all mashed together into a dynamic and highly mutable sound. The end result is an experience that can be described as a sum of its parts, but the whole does not fit into any particular genre. This band is a moving target, but their music is resonant; it has a familiarity that is easy to identify with, even if it itself can't be singularly identified. And that is my measure of success. All others can throw themselves on the pyre, or under the steamroller along with the rest of the Madonna CDs. - Hybrid Magazine


The {Gothic} and the Gospel (RY007)

#20 most added release for week of 3/28/06, pulling in 22 top 5 adds.

Current radio campaign being handled by Team Clermont.

In addition to receiving radio play at dozens of college stations around the country, The {Gothic} and the Gospel is charting at the following stations for the week of 4/12/06:

CBC/BRAVE NEW WAVES - Montreal, QC-Canada #16
WCDB - Albany, NY #9
KDUP - Portland, OR #26
KRUA - Anchorage, AK #25
KSLU-2 - Hammond, LA #24
KUPS - Tacoma, WA #7
SCAD Radio - Savannah, GA #30
WCCX - Waukesha, WI #25
WIIT - Chicago, IL #24
WUCR - Cranford, NJ #26
WUPJ - Johnstown, PA #17


Feeling a bit camera shy


A paradoxical condition exists in the collective identity of Atlanta band, PARTISAN, one intrinsically Southern yet simultaneously global in perspective, bound both by the gothic and the gospel. Their outlook is alternately plagued by what Tennessee Williams described as "an intuition of underlying dreadfulness in modern experience" and buoyed by an optimism rooted in the humanistic uplift of everything from African American spirituals to the philosophies of Emma Goldman. Growing up in suburban areas around Atlanta that lacked thriving cultural centers, the band found a bond in film, politics, literature, travel, and music and sought to combine these mediums into new forms of cultural expression. Comprised of seven members, their sound is a sonic collage of post-punk, noise, latin rhythms, afro-beat, downtempo, folk, and gospel. Their influences are just as varied, emanating from such locales as Lagos and Bogota, and including such artists as Ennio Morricone, the Beach Boys, Toto La Momposina, Public Enemy, Fugazi, Charles Mingus, and Gang of Four. Born into a region known for its racial oppression and religious repression, Partisan's mission is to represent a true incarnation of the mythical Atlanta phoenix and to reinforce Fela Kuti's belief in music as a weapon.