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This band has not uploaded any videos




hmmmm...must listen to this one again as my head is swimming is a sea of what the %&^! did i just hear???

love the song guys...this is the point i normally make some sort of comparison to you and another band but as of now i am totally at a loss for words. all i can comment on is the sheer creativity in this piece. everything from the voice to the structure challenges traditional values in musicianship that in my opinion need to be thrown out the window...and guys did just that and restored my faith in a genre of music that recently and unfotunately hastenes itself to what is safe and predictable. ok, enough of my soap box commentary. i just want to set up why i can say without apprehention how much i appreciate you efforts!!! this is what i want to hear when i need some indie music luv'n. you guys rock!! -

"Charming Madness"

Somewhat eccentric, and deliberately a bit chaotic which can work either way - people will either love it or hate it. At 1 minute 47 seconds it doesn't get dull or outstay its welcome. A curiosity - personally I really liked it, you hear a lot of samey stuff on Garageband and this is definitely original. Its the first song today I have played twice. If Sparks were on drugs it might sound like this. I was going to say a breath of fresh air but there's something toxic in there! Fine stuff...but it won't sell, which is a shame, because it should. -


Chromium Records International Showcase - Track: Tin Soldier (2003)
Redchurch Recordings - 3 Track EP (2004)
The Abacus EP (Soulsmith) (2006)



Through fleeting glances beyond aviators in Hoxton, beyond the dykes in Dalston he saw a purveyor of goodness for all. Not of iron, not of the ever-diligent leather that encased his feet, but of soul. A smith of the soul that could deliver a fistful of hope, misery and awe. Not bad for a meagre 5''10. But then the rain came down and, akin to a cruise liner leaving a Florida port, the message became jaded. But while the proof remains, so does the justice and the party.