Partly Brothers

Partly Brothers


Vocal harmonies, beautiful catchy tunes, 6- and 12-string, acoustic guitars, finger picking and strumming, songs of love, friendship, life, hope, anti-war, dreams fulfilled and not, thought-provoking lyrics; our music was referred to as "upbeat and sophisticated" as well as " rich and hypnotic."


Luti came to the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia as a Fulbright Scholar in molecular biology. Back home, he led a rock band as its vocalist and drummer. His home country was torn apart by the civil war and erased from the world maps, which impacted Luti's music. Brian is a Michigan native who has been playing in a folk band "The Troubadads" for over 25 years at various venues across Michigan. Luti and Brian met at a local music jam session and, having realized they had much in common despite coming from two different worlds, they formed a duo. Luti's voice has been compared to Nick Drake's and Brian's to that of Donovan. Partly Brothers perform with ease, joy and passion. Their songs, influenced by CSNY, Simon and Garfunkel, Wishbone Ash and Beatles, feature beautiful harmonies woven from vocals and guitars. Among other places, Partly Brothers appeared on WCSX weekend show OverEasy with Pam Rossi, Thumbfest, and the Raven Cafe.


Across the Ocean

Written By: Luti Erbeznik

Our mother tongues were not that different.
From a single tribe most of us descended.
We were taught to guard our brotherhood and unity:
visit a stranger’s home and you were befriended

Rivers and mountaintops, seaside, lakes and valleys,
this land between two worlds seemed like a heaven to me.
But when ethnic pride grew stronger than togetherness
harmony began to fade and soon it was crumbling.

Fear led to anger, and anger led to violence.
Distinctions were dug out and coated with weapons and rage.
The ignorant obeyed their leaders and went against their neighbors.
Once again human folly took over the stage.

And my life
in the land across the ocean
flows with new freedom
like a river of emotions.

Home away from home
in the land across the ocean,
immersed in the melting pot
finding true devotion.

And when I think about my friends from the place I left
Sometimes I wonder where is it that I truly belong.
Do they teach their children that you can’t be happy when you hate?
Do they smile like in my dreams? Are they still as strong?

And my life…


Debut CD entitled From the Start is being released. Some of their songs can be listened to on

Set List

Two to three hours, mostly original songs and covers such as '39 (Queen), The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald, Vincent, Four and Twenty (Stephen Stills), Mother Nature's Son, The Boxer, etc.