Partners in Stars

Partners in Stars

 New York City, New York, USA

Electronic/Pop. A punky mix of electro, future pop, microhouse and disco, with winding, candy-like vocals.


Originally formed under the name "Macaque", Brooklyn based electro-pop duo Partners in Stars craft dense and sweet songs making more sound than you would imagine. Formed in the summer of 2005, they have been creating lush beats and shimmering melodies tied neatly together with driven bass lines ever since.

Partners in Stars is comprised of the vocalist Evers, whose previous projects include the Chicago based band Basic Shapes and Chris Hart, DJ/programmer, who previously played Soundlab with Dizzee Rascal and the Sound Cultures Festival at Cornell University.

From inception Partners in Stars has created songs that are a unique blend of genres that defies categorization. Evers delivers extroverted yet intimate vocals and adds a unique emotional complexity to her clean and simple styling. While Chris Hart deftly manages the key boards and live programming welding the unreserved swirling pop arrangements that belies an intricate and meticulous attention to detail. In live performances Partners in Stars exhibits gusto and undeniable charm.

Partners in Stars has played at highly regarded New York City venues such as the Knitting Factory, the Annex, Cakeshop and sold out performances at MonkeyTown as well as underground dance parties and events.

Partners in Stars was included in 2008's Village Voice Summer series of best emerging acts, as well as reviewed by reputable writers such as Evelyn McDonnell.


Every Fail is an Eventual Win LP (September 2010 release)
The Chinatown EP

Set List

All the Girls
Have U Ever
Do You Know What I Mean?
Big Man
An Observation
Drop Your Night
24 Hour Attention Getter
I Want Your Power