Party Hat

Party Hat


Party Hat screams like the kettle but tastes like the tea. Blending alternative and 80s rock with a pop sensibility, this Boston-based band brings a bottle-rocket energy to the stage. Like a glass of warm bourbon at sunrise, Party Hat kicks in early and won't let up til the sun goes down.


Forming at Tufts University, all members bring a variety of musical backgrounds to the bubbling musical crock-pot that is Party Hat. Aaron Wishnick and Alex Berdoff, playing together in high-school, began building the spontaneous chemistry that is the foundation for the band's sound. Upon arriving at Tufts, the two friends teamed up with vocal gladiator Casey Fein. Playing with various stand-in musicians the group finally picked up keyboardist Ben Anshutz. Finally, rounding out the line-up with bassist Alex Nisetich, Party Hat hit it's groove hard and hasn't showed signs of slowing down.


Party Hat- The EP. Several tracks off the EP have received radio play on WMFO 91.5 Boston.

Set List

Set List:
Smallpox Champions
Duck and Cover
As the Sun Beats Down
Friday Night
80s Song
The Cage
I Made You A Mixtape

Party Hat does play covers at live shows. Typically we cover music from the 80s and 90s (Journey, Toto, Third Eye Blind etc.)